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Why should We Choose the Diesel Generator, instead of Gasoline Type?

Why should We Choose the Diesel Generator, instead of Gasoline Type?

I believe that many people are entangled when choosing a generator without knowing whether to choose a gasoline generator or a diesel generator, but after reading this article, there is no need to entangle. Let’s take a look at the difference between gasoline generators and diesel generators.
Firstly, their pressure in the cylinder is different. The gasoline engine compresses the gasoline and air mixture in the compression stroke stage. The diesel engine compresses air in the compression stroke stage.
Secondly, both types of generator has the different ignition methods.
Gasoline engines rely on spark plugs to ignite; diesel engines rely on atomized diesel to spray high-pressure gas for spontaneous combustion.
Thirdly, they are different in mixing of fuel and air. In a gasoline engine, fuel and air are mixed in the carburetor and intake pipe; in a diesel engine, the mixing of diesel and air is carried out after the diesel is injected into the cylinder.
Fourthly, they has the different application scope.Gasoline generators are mainly general household generators; diesel generators are mainly special generators for construction units.
Besides,the difference between sound and volume happens in both generators. Gasoline generators are less noisy than diesel generators, and gasoline generators are smaller than diesel generators.
Next, they differs in fuel consumption and working time. Gasoline generators have higher fuel consumption than diesel generators. Within 24 hours of continuous working time, the daily continuous working time of gasoline generators is less than that of diesel generators.
Of course, the biggest difference between the two is the difference between the ignition device and the fuel system. The diesel generator is a compression-ignition internal combustion engine, which uses a fuel injection pump and several fuel injection nozzles; while the gasoline generator has a carburetor, a distributor, and several spark plugs.
Generally speaking, gasoline generators are generally used for household use, disaster relief, etc., and when talking about diesel generators, they think of large-scale construction, so most of the internal components of diesel generators are stronger and stronger than gasoline generators. Heavy, this is because the diesel generator has to withstand greater pressure inside the machine.
However, what is the reason that most people still choose the diesel generator?
The advantages of diesel generators are as following:
Diesel generator is good for fuel economy, high thermal efficiency. When working conditions change, the fuel consumption rate curve changes relatively flat, and it is economical under low load. Diesel generator’s performance is more reliable and durable. Because there is no ignition system, the failure is low. It can be widely used in daily lift and industrial field, construction and so on. Diesel generator’s emission is lower and less harmful. It is good for fire safety. The automatic voltage regulation of the generator includes: thyristor, phase compound excitation, TD1 type carbon resistance automatic voltage regulation, and individual high-power tube.
We also can find the reason from the characteristics of diesel generators.
There are many levels of stand-alone capacity. Diesel generator sets range from several kilowatts to tens of thousands of kilowatts, and can be calculated according to the usage conditions to select the most suitable capacity level
The supporting equipment has compact structure and flexible installation location. Diesel generator has high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption (thermal efficiency 30~46%). It can be started quickly and reach full power quickly. It only takes a few seconds, and the shutdown process is short with full load due within 1 minute (normal 5~30MIN) and can be started and stopped frequently. For diesel genreators, it only needs simple maintenance and operation, few people, easy maintenance during standby. The overall cost of construction and power generation of diesel generator sets is the lowest.