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Why should We Choose the Diesel Engine, instead of Gasoline Engine?

Why should We Choose the Diesel Engine, instead of Gasoline Engine?

In daily time, we are more familiar with gasoline engine, instead of diesel engine. However, diesel engine will be used more in more situation, such as construction, agricultural field, generating and so on. Why do people will choose diesel engine, instead of gasoline one?

Firstly, lng life and economical durability. The speed of diesel engines is low, the related parts are not easy to age, the parts wear is less than that of gasoline engines, the life is relatively longer, there is no ignition system, and there are fewer auxiliary appliances, so the failure rate of diesel engines is much lower than that of gasoline engines. Some imported diesel engines can reach 80-100 million kilometers without overhaul, while gasoline engines only have 400,000-500,000. The fuel consumption is low. The fuel consumption of the 2.8-liter electronically controlled common-rail turbocharged diesel engine is comparable to that of the 1.6-liter electronically controlled gasoline engine.

Secondly, low speed and high torque. Diesel engines can usually obtain very high torque at very low speeds, which is better than gasoline engines on complex roads, grades, and loads. However, it does not perform as well as gasoline cars in speeding up on flat roads and driving at high speeds.

The third reason is High security. Compared with gasoline, it is less volatile and has a higher ignition point. It is not easy to be ignited or exploded due to accidental circumstances, so the use of diesel is more stable and safe than the use of gasoline.

The last one is more environmentally friendly. The greenhouse effect of diesel engine emissions is 45% lower than that of gasoline, and the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions are also low. However, the emissions of nitrogen oxides and PM (particulates) are greater than those of gasoline engines during the life of the vehicle. With the continuous progress of technology, its emissions have reached Euro III and Euro IV emission standards.

In general, diesel engines are superior to gasoline engines.