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Why Most People will Choose the Air-Cooled Generator? (The second part)

Why Most People will Choose the Air-Cooled Generator? (The second part)

What is the main differences between air cooled generators and water cooled generators? We will discuss it here. Maybe you are familer with this topic which we are dicussing about thist theme before. Yes, it is. But it is the first part and here is the second part.
Here is the brief review of the first part.The so-called water-cooling and air-cooling in the diesel generator set means that the cold media of the parts that need to be cooled are water and air! One needs water circulation to cool down, and the other needs wind circulation to cool down. Besides, for air cooled generators, their structure is well designed and its protection is good for decreasing the failaure rate and strengthening engine’s own performance. However, it has the disadvantage of heating decreasing. It shows the total difference on advantages and disadvantages on both cooling types. The last tip of former aritical is the engine.
Now the following the is the new content which should be shown in part two.
The air-cooled generators of generator manufacturers have high thermal efficiency and economical efficiency. Since the air-cooled diesel generator transfers less heat to the air, its cooling air volume is only about 2/3 of that of the water-cooled diesel engine. This is because the air-cooled diesel engine has a certain gas temperature and the higher the cylinder wall temperature, the less heat the diesel engine emits into the air, the higher the thermal efficiency, the lower the fuel consumption, and the better the economy. Generally, the cylinder wall temperature of air-cooled diesel engine is tens of degrees higher than that of water-cooled diesel engine, so its thermal efficiency is higher than that of water-cooled diesel engine.
The air-cooled generators of generator manufacturers have a long service life. Due to the high temperature of the cylinder wall, the air-cooled diesel engine can avoid acid corrosion and abrasion to the greatest extent, and reduce the working time of the diesel engine below the dew point. Therefore, the air-cooled diesel engine parts are corroded. , Cavitation, rust is small and the cylinder cover, radiator will not produce the disadvantages of accumulated scale, and its service life is long. It can be seen that the air-cooled diesel engine has good maneuverability and the warm-up time is short. It is easy to initiate and eliminate the burden of increasing the cooling water to release the cooling water. There is no need to worry about the damage of the cylinder block, cylinder head, radiator, etc., so it has high reliability. Fewer failures, long life, convenient protection and maintenance.
After reading all these two articals, hope that you can understand what is air cooled generator and what is water cooled generators. From this, we can know the difference between two cooling types generators. We also can make our own choice on which kind of generator we prefer to based on our own actucal demand and advise your customer to make the decision.