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What is the working principle of diesel high pressure pump?

What is the working principle of diesel high pressure pump?

The diesel high-pressure pump is a product that allows a piston to move back and forth through a seal. The diesel high-pressure pump mainly relies on the reciprocating movement of the piston, which makes the working volume of the pump body change periodically to realize the liquid suction and discharge. Its main function is to turn a certain amount of water into a high-pressure water flow, which makes the water flow have a strong impact.

Diesel high-pressure pump is suitable as a power source for high-pressure water cleaning and descaling of process pumps, metallurgy, steel rolling plants, construction, shipbuilding, sugar making, papermaking, chemical industry and other industries, oil field water injection, boiler water supply, hydraulic machinery , And food, pharmaceuticals and other parts that need to generate high-pressure liquid, the transport medium is a fluid without solid particles.

The diesel high-pressure pump includes the following three plunger pumps:

  • Diesel high-pressure plunger pump: All horizontal, it is more stable than vertical, and it has low vibration and convenient maintenance.
  • Diesel high-pressure reciprocating pump: The high-pressure reciprocating pump is suitable for cleaning pumps, process pumps, copper urea liquid pumps, carbamic acid ammonia liquid dimethyl pumps, food homogenization pumps, detergent slurry pumps, ammonia water pumps, slurry pumps, and five sodium Pumps, booster pumps, water injection pumps, descaling pumps, oil pumps, descaling pumps, high pressure water atomization, etc.
  • Diesel high-pressure cleaning pump: The cleaning pump is an efficient and energy-saving cleaning equipment, used in the cleaning of heat exchangers or reaction kettles and various pipes in industries such as chemical plants, thermal power plants, sugar mills, and paper mills, and can also be used in castings Sand cleaning, cleaning of various vehicles, airplanes, ships, slaughterhouses, etc., through the configuration of accessories can also be used for water blasting, thereby overcoming the shortcomings of environmental pollution caused by gas blasting, affecting human health and other shortcomings, in order to do a good job in environmental protection Created conditions.