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What is the Reasons of Faulty Piston Rings of Diesel Generator(II)

What is the Reasons of Faulty Piston Rings of Diesel Generator(II)

The former news explained four possible reasons of faulty pistons rings of diesel generators. Today, we will discuss the next four main reaons which will cause the broken piston rings.
When the elastic force of the piston ring is insufficient or the cylinder liner is excessively worn, the piston ring and the cylinder wall cannot be in close contact, that is, the airtightness cannot be maintained, so that the high-pressure gas leakage will press the ring into the ring groove. When the piston descends, the gas pressure in the cylinder decreases, and the piston ring pops out of the ring groove again. The piston ring continuously expands and contracts radially, resulting in fatigue breakage.
Secondly, the excessive wear of the piston ring makes the strength of the ring fail to meet the requirements and breaks. Most of the current piston ring materials are brittle materials such as gray cast iron, alloy cast iron, and ductile iron. During the casting process, pores, cracks or segregation of the components may appear in the internal structure, which causes local strength reduction or stress concentration at the crack, resulting in impact during work Fracture or fatigue fracture.
Severe wear of the cylinder liner will affect it. Stepped wear at the top and bottom dead spots causes shoulders, and large wear at the large end of the connecting rod or repair of the bearing at the large and small end of the connecting rod causes the original dead spot to change after repair, resulting in impact breakage due to inertial force.
At last, the sulfur content of the fuel and mismatched oil can also cause the piston ring of the diesel engine to break.
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