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What is the Reasons of Faulty Piston Rings of Diesel Generator(I)

What is the Reasons of Faulty Piston Rings of Diesel Generator(I)

For our portable diesel generators, the broken piston rings is our most common situation for piston rings problem. Mainly, we will meet the first ring and second ring broken. Sometimes, the rings will be broken into severl pieces, or fracture into crushes. The broken piston rings will fasten the cylinder wore.
There are many reaons which can cause the fractured piston rings of diesel generators. Except the poor materials and poor producing quality, it is mainly caused by the bad maintenance and assembling problems.
Firstly, the lap gap is smaller than the assembly gap. During the diesel generator working, the temperature of the piston ring is increased, so that there is not enough room for the metal at the lap, the two ends of the lap are completely opposed to the top, and they are broken near the lap.
Secondly, poor combustion, overheating of the cylinder wall and oxidation or burning of the lubricating oil can cause serious carbon deposition in the cylinder. When the carbon deposition is serious, the ring movement is blocked, the ring and the cylinder wall are strongly acting, the scraped lubricating oil and metal scraps are mixed, and under the action of leaking gas, a local hard carbon deposit is formed on the lower end surface of the ring groove. There is a local hard carbon deposit under the piston ring, and the periodic gas pressure on the top causes the piston ring to bend and break.
Besides, the long-term relative movement of the piston assembly and the cylinder liner causes the grinding table to appear on the upper part of the cylinder liner after the cylinder liner is worn. When the piston moves up to the top dead center, the first piston ring hits the grinding table and is impacted and broken.
Fourthly, the excessive wear of the lower end of the ring groove is inclined (flare). When the piston is near the top dead center, the pressure of the gas causes the ring to cling to the lower end surface of the inclined ring groove. The piston ring is twisted and deformed, and the piston ring groove is excessively worn and fatigue breaks.
No matter for 5KW small portable diesel generator and for industrial dynamo generator, broken pistons rings will be met. This article will explain four reaons for faulty piston rings of diesel generators. The next following reasons will be detailed explained in future another news, please wait patiently.