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What is the reason why the generator should be with the parallel system?

What is the reason why the generator should be with the parallel system?

Usually, the generator will be used under the parallel system. This kind of operation is benefit for the environment protection and energy saving. Now we will discuss more about the specific reaon why we need the parallel diesel generator.
First of all, parallel diesel generators can ensure the power supplying system’s stability and continuity. Because of the power grid set by diesel generators’ parallel system, whole system can bear a greater impact of large load change.
Secondly, the maintenance of parallel diesel generators is more easier and time-saving. When multiple generator sets are used in parallel, the labor and materials can be centrally dispatched and distributed. There are only two situation, one with active load and another with non-load, which can make maintenance and repair convenient and timely.
Besides, parallet diesel geneartor is more econimic. We can choose smaller diesel generators with suitbale quantity accroding to the whole system’s needed total load to lower the cost of fuel and oil which needed in diesel generator running.
The last but most important thing is that it is more easier for user to expand their power supplying system. When you found that it needs larger power, you only need to add extra more parallet diesel generator to enlargen the power capacity. It makes your first generator investment plan become more economic and promising.
The aboving is our all summarized reason of why we need to choose parallel diesel generators. Thanks for your reading.