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What is the problem of your diesel engine?

What is the problem of your diesel engine?

What is the performance and how to solve when your diesel engine runs without idling.

When the engine is without idling, it will has following situation.  When the throttle is placed in the idling position, the engine is turned off. When the throttle is increased slightly, the speed increases quickly, and it cannot run stably at low speed.

What is the reason of that:

Firstly, the idle speed spring of the governor is too soft or broken.

Secondly, the sensing element of the governor is too worn.

Thirdly, the plunger of the fuel injection pump is badly worn.

Fourthly, the temperature is too low.

Fifthly, the cylinder pressure is too low.

How to know that the engine is being without idling and how to solve this?

No idling speed during cold start, which is generally normal. This is because the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the engine oil is too high, the internal resistance of the engine is increased, and the spraying and evaporation conditions of diesel oil are deteriorated, which causes the engine to fail to maintain the minimum stable speed. When the throttle is raised, it will quickly shut down. In this case, the throttle can be adjusted to run slightly above idling speed, and the idling speed can be resumed after the engine warms up.

If the engine has been used for a long time, there is no idling operating condition, and the fuel consumption is abnormal due to insufficient power, generally due to excessive wear of the plunger, the oil leakage at idle speed increases, so that the fuel supply cannot meet the idling operating conditions. Or the cylinder pressure is too low, the fuel injection advance angle is too large and too small, resulting in poor engine combustion conditions. As long as the failure to deal with the lack of power, idling conditions will naturally recover.

If the above conditions are normal, you should consider whether the idle working components of the governor are abnormal. Check whether the spring of the governor is broken, or the governor element is worn too much or the spring is too soft, so that the centrifugal force of the fly hammer at idle speed is much greater than the spring tension to reduce oil, or the maintenance staff adjusts improperly. The fuel injection pump assembly must be removed and repaired and adjusted again on the test stand. When checking the governor, firstly adjust it by the idle speed screw. If the adjustment is invalid, then adjust the pretension of the idle speed spring. The idling spring adjusting nut can be slightly screwed inwards or a gasket can be added to the spring seat to increase the preload and increase the idling speed. If the spring breaks, it should be adjusted after replacement to restore it to the idling performance.