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What is ATS?

What is ATS?

Now more and more people will ask for ATS when they are quoting the generators. Why do people needs ATS when they have the diesel generator? Before make this reason research, we need to know what is ATS.
ATS is the abbreviation of Automatic transfer switching equipment. ATS is mainly used in the emergency power supply system bai system to automatically switch the load circuit from one power supply to another (standby) power supply to ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads. Therefore, ATS is often used in important places where electricity is used, and its product reliability is particularly important. Once the conversion fails, it will cause one of the following two hazards. A short circuit between its power supplies or a power failure of an important load (or even a short power outage) will have serious consequences. This will not only cause economic losses (stop production, financial Paralysis), it may also cause social problems (putting life and safety at risk). Therefore, industrially developed countries have listed the production and use of automatic transfer switching appliances as key products to restrict and regulate.
ATS generally consists of two parts: switch body + controller. The switch body is divided into PC level (integral type) and CB level (circuit breaker).
PC level: one-piece structure (three-point type). It is a special switch for dual power switching. It has the advantages of simple structure, small size, self-interlocking, fast switching speed (within 0.2s), safety and reliability, but it needs to be equipped with short-circuit protection appliances.
CB level: ATS equipped with overcurrent release, its main contact can be connected and used to break short-circuit current. It is composed of two circuit breakers and mechanical interlocking, with short circuit protection function;
The controller is mainly used to detect the working conditions of the monitored power supply (two circuits). When the monitored power supply fails (such as any phase loss, undervoltage, loss of voltage or frequency deviation), the controller sends out an action command and switches The main body automatically switches from one power supply to another with a load. The capacity of the standby power supply is generally only 20% to 30% of the capacity of the common power supply.
Nowadays, when customers buy diesel generator sets, they generally want to be equipped with an ATS cabinet. They think this is more convenient and does not require manual operation. In fact, there are several types of ATS cabinets. One is a purely manual ATS cabinet. The generator set is an ordinary unit, and the ATS is also ordinary. When the mains power fails, the generator must be manually started. When the generator is normal , And then manually press the switch button on the ATS panel. Although this method is more troublesome, but the generator set and switch cabinet are not easy to malfunction. The other is the ordinary automatic switch cabinet. The generator set is an ordinary automation. Simply add an electric throttle and an electric switch to the ordinary set. The switch cabinet is also an ordinary switch cabinet. This kind of automatic switch cabinet is relatively cheap, but the failure rate is also relatively high. The other is authentic and fully automatic, and the failure rate is very low. The generator set is fully automated, and the switch cabinet is also fully automated. The price of this type of machine is generally higher, and it is purchased by relatively high-end users.