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What are the specific applications of mobile light towers?

What are the specific applications of mobile light towers?

The mobile light tower is a system composed of a trailer, a lifting mast, power supply, and lighting equipment. The trailer can be a separate body that can be towed by a vehicle, or it can be modified from existing and various trucks. The lifting mast Various equipment such as lighting equipment and other equipment are reasonably installed on the trailer and combined into a complete movable lighting system. The mobile light towers can be easily transported to places that can be opened to traffic and temporarily needs large-scale lighting, and it is very convenient to use.
Mobile light towers are suitable for large-area, high-brightness lighting needs in military, highway, railway, electric power, public security and other departments. As well as various large-scale construction operations, mine operations, maintenance and repairs, accident handling and disaster relief.
What are the performance characteristics of the mobile light tower?
The unique large square lampshade design allows the light to be emitted in a straight line, providing the best lighting effect for the construction site. Without any tools, each lamp can be adjusted independently. The fast power connection provides easier disassembly for preparation before transportation. The main mast that can rotate 360 degrees allows the light to be adjusted according to different needs after being raised. The compact and enhanced lighthouse provides extraordinary lighting. The enhanced and trailer-mounted lighthouse features a compact and lightweight design that makes transportation easy.
What are the advantages of mobile lighting vehicles compared to traditional lighting equipment?
Traditional lighting can only be fixed in one position, and the lighting range is relatively small. With the development of science and technology, people have developed movable lighting vehicles on the basis of traditional lighting. Well, we believe that many people have only seen mobile lighting vehicles but don’t know much about them. After all, this kind of lighting equipment is widely used in construction sites, rescue and disaster relief and other environments.
Traditional construction site lighting uses wiring method not only requires a power generation device, but also requires the purchase of a long wire for connection. In some places, brackets are needed for lighting, which is not only cumbersome, but also has safety risks.
The road construction work is dark at night, and the workers are still working overtime to catch up. The drawing and wiring of lighting is out of date. The new mobile lighting vehicle meets the needs of night work. It does not need to be charged, does not need to be pulled, and can maintain long-term lighting. Fire rescue operations and night fire operations require large-area lighting. Portable lighting tools are convenient but limited With limited performance, the mobile lighting truck meets the lighting needs of fire fighting operations.
The mobile light tower vehicle adopts imported or domestic brand generator sets, equipped with movable lifting rods, four steering wheels on the chassis, four high-power lamps in the lamp holder, and a humanized remote control design. The optionality is quite high, the lifting height, the generator set, and the lighting power can be adjusted appropriately.
The mobile lighting vehicle also uses generator equipment for power supply. The difference is that it is easy to move back and forth. It can perform high-brightness lighting in one direction, or it can be individually illuminated in four directions.