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What are the differences between submersible pumps and sewage pumps?

What are the differences between submersible pumps and sewage pumps?

Sewage pumps and submersible pumps are common equipment in the industry. There is a difference between the two. So what is the difference between sewage pumps and submersible pumps?
Both sewage pumps and submersible pumps need to be submerged in water. To a certain extent, sewage pumps are a kind of submersible pumps, but there are still differences between the two:
Different media are handled:
Generally, the water quality treated by sewage pumps is relatively poor. The water quality may contain highly corrosive and the conveying medium is a medium containing solid particles such as fibers and paper scraps in feces or liquids. The conveyed medium contains fibrous materials that are easy to entangle or bunch. ; The working conditions of submersible pumps are relatively simple, and the transported medium is mainly clean water. The material requirements of the product are easier to choose than sewage pumps.
Different structure:
Because of the difference in the media that it handles, there is a difference between sewage pumps and submersible pumps. The sewage pump requires technology to process solid particles such as long fibers and paper scraps. Therefore, anti-blocking and reliability are important factors for the quality of sewage pumps; and Compared with sewage pumps, submersible pumps have a simpler structure.
Different application areas:
Sewage pumps are used in sewage transportation/discharge, sponge cities, transporting industrial wastewater, pumping station drainage, urban flood control and other fields; and submersible pumps are used in deep well water intake, irrigation, marine platforms and other fields.
At present, the sewage pump developed and designed by ITCPower can be customized for customers according to customer requirements, whether it is impeller form or material, to meet the diverse needs of customers.