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What are the components of diesel generator sets and their functions?

What are the components of diesel generator sets and their functions?

Ordinary diesel generator set is mainly composed of three parts: diesel engine, generator and control system. Diesel engine and generator have two connection methods, one is flexible connection, that is, the two parts are connected by coupling, and the other is rigid connection. High-strength bolts connect the rigid connecting piece of the generator and the flywheel disc of the diesel engine. At present, more diesel generator sets on the market use rigid connections.
After the diesel engine and the generator are connected, they are installed on the common chassis, and then equipped with various protective sensors, such as water temperature sensors. Through these sensors, the operating status of the diesel engine can be displayed to the operator intuitively, and with these sensors , You can set an upper limit. When the limit value is reached or exceeded, the control system will give an alarm in advance. At this time, if the operator does not take measures, the control system will automatically stop the unit. The diesel generator set starts in this way. Self-protective.
Sensors play the role of receiving and feeding back various information. What really displays these data and performs protection functions is the control system of the diesel generator set. The control panel is generally installed on the generator, called a backpack-type control panel, and some are placed on a separate panel. In the operating room, it is called a split control panel. The control panel is connected to the generator and sensors through cables, and displays the electrical parameters and diesel engine operating parameters respectively.
The role of diesel generator set:
Standby power supply. Backup power supply is also called emergency power supply. The main purpose is that although some power users have relatively reliable and reliable network power supply, in order to prevent unexpected situations, such as circuit failure or temporary power failure, they are still equipped with their own power supply for emergency Use for power generation. It can be seen that the backup power supply is actually a kind of self-provided power supply, but it is not used as the main power supply, but only as a relief method in emergency situations.
Self-provided power supply. Some power users do not have network power supply, such as islands far away from the mainland, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, and barracks, workstations, and radar stations in desert plateaus. They need to be equipped with their own power sources. The so-called self-supplied power supply is a self-generated power supply. When the power generation is not too large, diesel generator sets are often the first choice for self-supplied power.
Alternative power supply. The role of alternative power supply is to make up for the lack of network power supply. There may be two situations. One is that the price of grid power is too high, and diesel generator sets are selected as an alternative power source from the perspective of cost saving; the other is that when grid power is insufficient, the use of grid power is restricted and the power supply department has to go everywhere. When the power supply is cut off, the power user needs to replace the power supply to provide relief in order to produce and work normally.