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The difference between clean water pump and trash pump

The difference between clean water pump and trash pump

Clean water pump and sewage pump are mainly for different transmission media. One is to transfer clean water, and the other is to transfer sewage/wastewater.
Can be distinguished from their design structure:

  • Differences in structural design: In order to prevent clogging, the trash pump is mainly designed with a very large respirable particle radius, which naturally leads to relatively low efficiency, so the head is generally not high, and the respirable particle radius and clearance of the clean water pump Both are relatively small, so the head is relatively high.
  • Differences in the design of the impeller: To prevent entanglement, the impeller design of the trash pump is simpler than that of the clean water pump. There is no retaining ring but with serrated blades, which can break up the debris before transmission; Mainly to improve work efficiency, its design is more complicated, the work efficiency will be significantly improved than the work efficiency of the trash pump.
  • Differences in the design of the pump body: The pump body of the trash pump is designed with a pressurized water chamber. Impurities can be eliminated from the pressurized water chamber. The pump flow path is unobstructed. When the impeller rotates, the sewage will have a strong axial vortex effect, and the sewage discharge effect is remarkable. The pump body of the clean water pump is directly connected to the motor, and conveys clean water or liquid similar to clean water. The hydraulic model of the clean water pump pressure chamber and suction chamber is designed to be beautiful and efficient.
  • Different from the transmission medium: the clean water pump is used to transport clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. It is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, pressurized water delivery for high-rise buildings, garden sprinkler irrigation, long-distance transportation, farmland irrigation, etc. Equipment matching. The trash pump conveys impurity liquids, which can be widely used in sewage engineering, river pond culture, light industry, papermaking, textile, food, chemical, electrical industry, fiber, slurry and mixed suspension and other chemical media.