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The Damage caused by the untimely Maintenance of generator

The Damage caused by the untimely Maintenance of generator

If we cannot do the diesel generator maintenance on time, it will lead to a series of problem.
First of all, it will hurt the cooling system if the maintenance is not timely. Once the cooling system has the problem, it will have two results. The first one is cooling fuction and effect is not good enough and will lead to generator shut down for over-high water temperature. The second one is leakage of readiator. The generator cannot work well because of low water level.
Secondly, the untimely maintenance will demage the fuel supplying system. The increased carbon deposits in the diesel generator set will cause a certain impact on the fuel injecting amount of the diesel generator injection nozzle, resulting in insufficient combustion, uneven fuel injection of each engine cylinder, and unstable operating conditions.
Thirdly, the battery will be influenced because the maintenance is not done on time. If the generator’s battery is not be maintenanced for a long time, the electrolyte cannot be filled in because the inner water was drained. Besides, the power will be low and cannot be charged.
Fourthly, the physicochemical function of the engine oil will be changed.
Oil also has a confirmed time of usage. For a long time of non-work, the left oil will make the generator inner part unclear which will lead to the related parts faulty.
Fifthly, the fuel tank will be influenced by the untimely maintenance. The moisture in the air enter the generator and will become the water which hang on the wall of base fuel tank because of the temperature change. When the water enter the fuel, the fuel with water come into the combustion part and will make the precise parts rust and demage the generator. If the influence is not heavy, you will see the blue smoke when running the diesel generator.
Sixthly, if we do not replace the main filters(oil filter, fuel filter and air filter), the gease and impurities will stay on the filters and make them cannot work well. For example, if not replace the fuel filter, the gease or others will block the fuel supplying and generator cannot be started.
If the generator is not replaced with seals and lubrication system, the iron filings which occurs in mechanical wear not only reduces its lubrication effect, but also damages other parts. Besides, the lubrication oil can corrose the seal and it will low down the seal fuction.
According to the aboving all, we know the importance of diesel generator maintenance and we must do it on time as demand.