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The common sense of generator set maintenance and repair

The common sense of generator set maintenance and repair

We are a professional chemical factory integrating sales and maintenance.

We have been established for 14 years.

Today, ITCPOWER will popularize the common sense of maintenance and repair.

In order to reduce the failure of the generator set, we need to carry out regular and irregular maintenance on the oil generator set to reduce uncertain factors as much as possible.

Regarding the maintenance and repair of diesel generator sets:

Daily maintenance of diesel generators

  1. Check the degree of wear of the diesel generator set valve, diesel generator set valve seat, etc., and repair or replace the diesel generator set if necessary;
  2. Check the working conditions of the PT pump and injector of the diesel generator set, and repair and adjust if necessary;
  3. Check the torque of the connecting rod of the diesel generator set and each fastening screw;
  4. Check, diesel generator set valve clearance;
  5. Diesel generator set injector stroke;
  6. Check the tightness of the fan charger belt;
  7. Clean up the carbon deposits in the intake branch pipe;
  8. Clean the intercooler core;
  9. Clean the oil of the entire diesel generator set;
  10. Clean up the sludge and metal iron filings in the rocker arm chamber and oil pan.


1) Check whether the appearance of the whole machine is damaged, and do a good job of external cleaning;

2) Check whether the lubricating oil level, coolant level and fuel level are normal;

3) Check whether the radiator and cooler are blocked;

4) Check whether the lubricating oil and fuel oil leak;

5) Test whether the fault light is in good condition;

6) Start with no load for half an hour every week.

2.2 Semi-annual or annual maintenance of diesel engine

1) Replace the lubricating oil;

2) Replace or clean the fuel filter and air filter;

3) Check and adjust the belt tension of the fan and charging generator;

4) Clean the radiator core;

5) Drain the residual water in the tank.

  1. Minor repair projects:
  2. Minor repair projects such as diesel generator sets;
  3. Disassemble the engine (except the crankshaft);
  4. Check the cylinder liner, ring, intake and exhaust valves, crank connecting rod mechanism, valve mechanism, cooling wearing parts, and replace if necessary;
  5. Check the oil supply of the diesel generator set and adjust the oil pump nozzle;
  6. Repair and test generator electric balls, clean grease, electric ball bearings.
  7. Including diesel generator set mid-repair projects;
  8. Dismantle the engines of all diesel generator sets;
  9. Replace the cylinder block, cylinder ring, large and small bearing bushes, crankshaft thrust pads, intake and exhaust valves, and a full set of engine overhaul kits;
  10. Adjust the oil pump and injector, and replace the pump core and injector head;
  11. Replace the turbocharger overhaul kit and water pump repair kit of the diesel generator set;
  12. Correct the connecting rod, crankshaft, body and other components, and repair or replace if necessary.
  13. The motor stator and rotor are dedusted.
  14. Check the insulation performance of the stator and rotor coils.
  15. Detect and restore the engine control circuit.
  16. Detect the high water temperature and low oil pressure protection functions of the engine, and replace the damaged parts.
  17. Check the meter on the control panel and activate the switch.

The company has more than 100 skilled generator technicians, of which more than 30 have worked in the generator set industry for more than ten years, and can quickly and accurately diagnose generator set faults and solve problems.


Professional routine maintenance that requires a technician:

  1. Check whether the connecting bolts are loose, and tighten them in time; 2. Check the oil level of the oil pan, if it is insufficient, add oil; 3. Check the oil level of the oil tank; 4. Check the water surface of the water tank; 5. Check the oil and water pipe joints; 6. Check the airtightness of the intake and exhaust pipes and the cylinder head gasket; there are oil stains and dust on the surface, keep the machine room clean and tidy;

Solutions for standby generator sets: (such as residential quarters, buildings, units, scenic spots, factories, etc. where there are few power outages, standby generator sets are only used for fire protection, power outage maintenance, etc.)

Routine: Do it every day, every six months or a year

  1. Check the water, electricity, oil, gas, etc. of the generator set to confirm whether the generator set is normal;
  2. Test the machine with no load for 5-10 minutes to make the unit sufficient; judge the use of the machine by listening, seeing, smelling, etc.;
  3. Replace air filter, diesel filter, oil filter, oil filter, water filter, oil-water separator filter element and other consumables;
  4. Replace the cooling water tank coolant and water tank treasure;
  5. Add battery fluid or distilled water;
  6. Check the unit again and clean it after completion;
  7. No-load test machine for 5-10 minutes, record various performance parameters of the unit, and put forward reasonable suggestions


Professional maintenance (overhaul)

  1. Check the injection angle;
  2. Clean the fuel tank;
  3. Clean the oil pan;
  4. Check the atomization of the injector

Regarding the maintenance and repair of gasoline generators:

Maintenance method of gasoline generator

  1. [Pay attention to gasoline generator purification]: After the fuel tank is used for a period of time, some minerals or impurities will be deposited at the bottom of the fuel tank, which should be removed or purified regularly. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the normal operation of the plunger and the fuel injection head, which will easily lead to inaccurate fuel supply time, uneven fuel supply, and poor fuel atomization, thereby increasing fuel consumption and reducing power.
  2. [Remove carbon deposits in time]: During the operation of the gasoline generator, due to the high temperature generated by various related components during the combustion process, the gray carbon polymer adheres to the valve, valve seat, fuel injector, piston top, etc., and it is not timely. clean up. It will increase fuel consumption and seriously affect the normal operation of the engine. In general, it should be removed every 4-6 months.
  3. [Maintain a certain water temperature]: The cooling water temperature of the gasoline generator engine should be maintained at about 45-65C. If the water temperature is too low, it will cause incomplete combustion of the gasoline generator and increase the load on the machine itself. Cooling water should use “soft water” without minerals (such as distilled water, rainwater), and must not abuse sewage and muddy water.
  4. [Do not overload operation]: The overload operation of the pony car makes a considerable part of the gasoline generators turn into black smoke, does not exert its effective performance, increases fuel consumption, and shortens the service life of related parts. .
  5. [Regular inspection and maintenance]: Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of gasoline generators. Regularly check and adjust valve clearance, fuel injection pressure, fuel supply time, etc., and remove scale and dirt on the cooling water jacket in time. Some parts, such as valves, injectors, etc., need to be repaired and replaced. Important parts should be used at all times to avoid the situation of being powerless and powerless in an emergency.


Whether it is production or maintenance, we at ITCPOWER are professional. For quality requirements, we strictly check.

Whether it is production or maintenance, we (ITCPOWER) are professional. We strictly control the quality requirements.

We are famous in China and Europe.

Our markets include European countries, Southeast Asia, South America, and Australia.

We have customers all over the world. We are recognized by a large number of customers.

So choose us is reliable.