We Are The Manufacturer


As a manufacturer factory

As a manufacturer factory, ITCPOWER works in internanional trade and can handle wholesale orders with containers’ capacity. And we have 13 years of experience. So we also have various certificates.Including ISO 9001 of ITCPower factory, sound levle certification & CE certification.

Purchase Notes

looking for international generator distributors

First we aim to find our business partner as our internationl generator dealer. In order to lower both labor and transporation cost, we can go on the sample order as start. But for portable products, we can start with 10 units. But for industrial type, we can start from 1 unit.

Purchase Notes: If you still needs only one set

If you only need 1 set, you need to pay for all shipping costs. Except sea freight and port fees. There are also local logistics costs, customs clearance fees, insurance fees, etc. in China.
Finally, there are fees that need to be paid locally when picking up the goods at the destination port.

Purchase Notes
Sample Request

If you would like to order samples, please fill out the form below. 
Whether you are for personal use, or a trader or agent,
we are happy to provide samples.
(You need to pay all the costs of the machine including shipping and customs duties)