d) Solar Mobile Light Tower

ITCPower’s solar light tower is a new project developed and produced by our factory. The durable and energy-saving mobile light tower is powered by solar energy and automatically charged by adjustable solar panels, ensuring safe operation, quietness, and high efficiency. It is currently the most economical application of lighting power.

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Advantages of Mobile Solar Light Towers

LED solar mobile light tower require no engine maintenance, fossil fuels or frequent bulb replacements and can generate economic benefits of about $8,000 per year. The lighting consists of four 100W LED lights. The mast uses steel wire rope as an adjustment device, which can be manually operated by a hand winch. The maximum height of the mast can reach 5m, and the light coverage radius is 55m. When using the light tower for power supply, you can use solar energy to charge the battery and you can use it directly. The light tower is mainly composed of lamps, batteries, and solar panels, which can be tilted and rotated freely. The bottom of the light tower is equipped with wheels, which is compact in structure and stable in performance, ensuring that it can work normally in various harsh environments and climates, and can run stably on various roads. In order to meet individual needs, if the product does not meet the standards required by users, we can replace lamps, power supplies, lamps or generators according to your needs.



It is often used in night construction and other field operations in municipal engineering, roads, bridges, ports, mines and other industries.
At the same time, it is also used for night emergency repairs and disaster relief scenes. Great performance, easy start-up, original surface design.

Concluded Benefits

The mobile solar light tower is fully adjustable in height within 5 meters, and can tilt up and down and rotate left and right.

Portable, compact and easy to deploy by one person.

Ideal for any emergency response, rural and hard-to-reach areas, temporary security, outdoor events and concerts, military applications, and construction and workplaces.



ITCPower’s light tower, LED lamps, solar panels


Model Type SG-L400S
Light LED
Light Power 4*100W
Lumen 4*10000Lm
Light coverage 1500m²
Type Manual
Max.Height 5m
Rotation 210°
Max.Wind Speed 50km/h
Running Speed 25km/h-60km/h
Brake Parking Brake
Tyres 145/70 R12 inch
Solar Panels  
Rate Power 150W*3
Battery 12V 150Ah*2
Working Time 6.4h
Charging Time 8h
Inverter output 220V/1kW
Size and weight (With Solar Panels)  
Minimum Size 1878*1100*1934mm
Expand Size 2428*2148*5014mm
Package  Size 1668*2148*5014mm
Package Weight 420kg
Units @20QP/40HQ 6/12


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