n) 12KW Diesel Generator

12KW 13KW electric start open type diesel generator. Ideal for site use, commercial use, tradesmen or simply home / garage use. The DG15000LE is powered by a 997cc / 19hp economical two cylinder diesel engine. Weighing 185KG, with wheels and handle to make it move easily.

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The DG15000LE is a powerful and easily portable 12kw open frame diesel generator from ITCPOWER. Designed for both site and commercial use, the DG15000LE is powered by a 997cc / 19hp economical two cylinder diesel engine. Weighing 185KG, with wheels and handle to make it move easily.



The AVR alternator keeps the voltage output smooth, within +/- 3% of 230V. However, the AVR alternator is also rugged enough to handle the harsh demands of power tools and building site equipment. The DG15000LE is an all round workhorse.



The DG15000LE features electric start and a convenient digital control panel (LED3)which displays the frequency, voltage and total run time. By making it easy to know when a service on the machine is due, you can be confident that you will get thousands of hours use and do not cause harm to the unit, by missing a service.
The DG15000LE backup power generator is compatible with an optional Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and remote control box.
The built in low oil alarm and automatic shutdown keep the generator safe during operation and ensure the engine is protected at all times.
The safty protection system also has the over load shutdown and over current shutdown function.



The DG15000LE has 1 x 16amp and 1x 63amp sockets, allowing you to power a wide range of equipment,12kw diesel generator.
The sockets can be changed according to your own country use, such as American, Australian socket.



ITCPOWER DG15000LE Generator, User Manual


GENERATOR   DG15000LE DG15000LE-3 DG15000LE-T
Frecuency          Hz 50 50 50
Rated Power          12 kW 15 kVA 11 kW / 15 kVA
Max. Power            13 kW 16 kVA 12 kW / 16 kVA
Voltage             V 230 230 / 400 230 / 400
Current             A 56.5 23.1 52.2 / 23.1
Plugs   16A & 63A 32A & 16A 32A & 63A
Display   LED6 LED6 LED6
Fuel tank capacity  L 22.5 22.5 22.5
Running time @75% load    H 6.5 6.5 6.5
Sound level @ 7m    dBA 84 84 84
DC output           V/A 12 / 8.3 12 / 8.3 12 / 8.3
Battery  V/Ah 12 / 36 12 / 36 12 / 36
ENGINE     DV1000E DV1000E DV1000E
Engine type   Diesel Diesel Diesel
Power  hp 20 20 20
Start    Electric Electric Electric
Displacement   CC 997 997 997
Oil Capacity    L 3.8 3.8 3.8
Power  Kw 12 12 12
Power Factor   1 0.8 1 / 0.8
Voltage Regulation    Brush  / AVR Brush  / AVR Brush  / AVR
Net Weight           Kg 210 210 210
Gross Weight         Kg 235 235 235
machine size         mm 1060×660×750 1060×660×750 1060×660×750
Dimensions Package   mm 1120×740×880 1120×740×880 1120×740×880
Loading Capacity FCL20’/40’HQ   30 / 60 30 / 60 30 / 60


Portable Cabinet, 220-240V, 50A, 1-phase. 15M cable.
Remote controller
300 meters distance remote contorller, include signal reciver x1, handle x1.
Push wheels kit T10
Push wheel kit: 10 inch solid rubber tire ×2, Push handle ×2, Rubber mat ×2 (Packing into the generator box).
Cooling fan
230V cooling fan
25L big tank
For DG6000SE/SE-3, DG7500SE/SE-3,  DG8500SE/SE-3.
Maintainence part
Oil filter / Fuel filter / Air filter


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