Purchase Notes

1. As a manufacturing factory, ITCPOWER is not only engaged in international trade, but also can handle wholesale orders for container capacity.

2. Our goal is to find our business partners as our international generator distributors. To reduce labor and shipping costs, we can start with a sample order. For portable machines, we can start with 10 units. For industrial type, we can try 1 set as usual.

Purchase Notes

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ITCPower® is a professional manufacturer of generator products. It is manufactured according to IS9001 and meets Euro 5 emission standards. ITCPower’s generators range from small portable generators to large industrial generators, open-frame and silent models. MOQ(portable diesel generator & water pump): 10,
stock items can be delivered quickly within 10 days.

Portable Diesel Generator Operate

ITCPOWER is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a joint venture between China and Spain. It is one of the authorized brand manufacturers of Hyundai Corporation in the Chinese generator set industry.

Portable Diesel Generation Maintenance

ITCPOWER is a professional manufacturer of generators, light towers and water pumps in China. Its products have the advantages of simplicity, beauty and practicality. And is widely recognized in the machinery industry.

Product Center Application Scenarios

ITCPOWER’s diesel generator sets can provide continuous, stable and reliable power, which can provide field power generation, emergency power supply and backup power supply for many fields.

Why Choose US


We have a professional and experienced product development team.


We have a modern diesel generator set production workshop and an advanced installation and testing platform.


We have a complete product quality system and an excellent global sales network.


Our aim is to provide a full range of products with competitive prices and outstanding performance as well as quality after-sales service.