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Precautions for the use of diesel self-priming pumps

Precautions for the use of diesel self-priming pumps

In order to ensure that users can safely operate the diesel water pump unit, please read the instruction manual attached to the water pump carefully. But please pay special attention to the following points of use to avoid accidental casualties and equipment damage:

  1. Precautions for muffler: 1) Since the gas discharged from diesel engines contains a toxic carbon oxide, it is forbidden to use diesel engines in confined spaces and poorly ventilated places. Use in poorly ventilated environments may cause casualties and equipment damage. (2) When the diesel engine is running or just stopped, the temperature of the muffler is very high. Do not touch the muffler, otherwise it will cause serious burns.
  2. Precautions for refueling: Before using the fuel, it must be filtered or precipitated for 24 hours. Do not add fuel or oil when the diesel engine is running. When refueling, do not allow the fuel to spill out of the fuel tank. If the fuel spills, you must wipe it dry and wait until the diesel is completely evaporated before starting the diesel engine. After replacing the diesel, tighten the fuel tank cap to prevent the diesel from spilling.
  3. Precautions for fire protection: The diesel engine must be kept away from flammable materials. Do not use the diesel engine in a fire place. The diesel engine must be 3 meters away from the wall or other objects.
  4. Use the diesel engine on a flat place, do not use the diesel engine on a soft or uneven soil. Note: Use on uneven slopes will result in insufficient lubricating oil supply, and diesel engines are easy to burn tiles. When moving the diesel engine, tighten the fuel tank cap and close the fuel tank switch to prevent diesel oil from spilling. Do not move the diesel engine during operation. If the diesel engine needs to be transported over long distances to prevent the diesel from spilling.
  5. Inspection before starting up: carefully check the tightness of the fuel oil pipes and joints before the engine to prevent leakage of diesel fuel. The leaking fuel will cause potential hazards. Carefully check the tightness of bolts and nuts, and loose bolts and nuts can cause serious accidents. Check the oil and fuel carefully to make it meet the specified requirements. Note: Do not allow the fuel to overflow the fuel tank. The new engine or the newly repaired diesel engine must be run-in at low speed and light load for 20 hours, and it is not allowed to run at high speed and heavy load immediately after running-in.


The following preparations are also required before fuel selection and starting:

(1) Pay attention to selection. The diesel engine must use light diesel oil, and the diesel oil must not contain stolen goods such as moisture or dust. Fuel cannot exceed the red mark;

(2) Clean the filter element. When the power of the diesel engine is insufficient or the exhaust color is abnormal, replace the filter element. It is forbidden to run the machine without the filter element.

Note: During the operation of the diesel water pump unit, do not pull the starting handle to avoid damage to the diesel engine.