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Why does the power of diesel generator sets drop?

Why does the power of diesel generator sets drop?

Will the power of the diesel generator set remain stable? If it is used for a long time, will the power of the diesel generator set decrease?

In fact, after a period of use of diesel generator sets, there is a problem of power drop. In fact, this is also a normal phenomenon. So what should I do if I find that the power has dropped? The engineer recommends that the customer first let an electrician check to check the condition of the diesel generator set and whether all parts and parts are normal. If everything is normal, then this situation is normal.

So why does a diesel generator set that have been used for a long time experience a power drop? Because during the operation of the diesel generator set, each part moves at a high level under a certain degree of compliance, during which friction between parts will occur, and there must be abrasion if there is friction. Over time, these parts may change shape due to friction between each other. This phenomenon is generally referred to as “natural wear”. Although this situation cannot be avoided, we still recommend that you do a good job in the daily maintenance of diesel generator sets. Check the fuel of the diesel generator set, as well as the humidity, temperature and so on in the engine room of the diesel generator set. Only good maintenance can extend the life of diesel generator sets.

Diesel generator set base. Diesel generator set will vibrate during operation. The base is not only used to install generator, engine and cooling system, but also can prevent the vibration of diesel generator set.

Engine, generally speaking, we buy diesel generator sets, mainly to choose the engine brand and power. A good engine can guarantee the quality of the diesel generator set.

Start system and alternator, control system, the control system of diesel generator set is like the brain of diesel generator set.

The temperature of the diesel generator set will rise when it is running. In order to ensure that the heated parts of the diesel engine and the supercharger shell are not affected by high temperature, and to ensure the lubrication of each working surface, it is necessary to cool the heated part. Generally speaking, the common cooling methods of diesel generator sets are air cooling and water cooling. But what is the difference between them? What is the role of diesel generator cooling?

Wind cooling method: This diesel generator set cooling method uses air as the cooling medium. Generally used in water-scarce areas.

Water cooling method: This diesel generator set cooling method uses water as the cooling medium.

There are two types of water cooling: separated water cooling and closed water cooling. In an open cooling system, the circulating water is directly connected to the atmosphere, and the steam pressure in the cooling system is always maintained at atmospheric pressure. In a closed system, water circulates in the closed system, and the vapor pressure of the cooling system is greater than the atmospheric pressure. As the temperature difference between the cooling water temperature and the outside air temperature increases, the heat dissipation capacity of the entire cooling system is improved.