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Mobile light tower with diesel generator

Mobile light tower with diesel generator

Our company will briefly introduce the mobile light tower with diesel generator. With the popularity of diesel generators, many other matching products have been introduced. The mobile light tower is one of them.

The mobile lighting beacon is suitable for enterprises and institutions such as army, highway, railway, electric power, public security and so on. As well as various large-scale construction operations, mine operations, maintenance and emergency repairs, and accident handling. There is also the need for large-area, high-brightness lighting at work sites such as emergency rescue and disaster relief.

一,The performance characteristics of the mobile lighting tower

  • The unique large square lampshade design allows the light to be emitted in a straight line, providing the best lighting effect for the construction site. Without any tools, each lamp can be adjusted independently. The fast power connection provides easier disassembly for preparation before transportation. The main mast that can rotate 360 degrees allows the light to be adjusted according to different needs after being raised. The compact and enhanced lighthouse provides extraordinary lighting. The enhanced and trailer-type lighthouse features a compact and lightweight design that makes transportation easy and easy.
  • Four 1000 watt metal halide lamps or sodium lamps and LED lamps are used. The lamp holder can arbitrarily change the projection angle within the range of 0°~90° in the vertical direction. The light pole rises: 7 meters. Rise time: 50S. Fall time: 20S. The light coverage radius can reach 120 meters-150 meters.
  • The light pole can be rotated and adjusted by 360° in the horizontal direction, and there is no dead angle for 360° irradiation. The light pole is integrated with the body, and the light pole must be kept in a vertical position after it is lowered, and it is not allowed to be folded for transportation or movement.
  • Control switches, control display screens, and indicating instruments are all integrated on the same panel, which is convenient for operators to operate and monitor in real time.
  • Fully automatic operation, independent one-key automatic control of engine start, lamp pole lifting, hydraulic foot retracting and releasing, lamp switch.
  • The whole set of lighthouse adopts 4 hydraulic supporting feet and adopts a fully automatic operation design. When the supporting feet are retracted, they can be locked with a pin buckle and will not be accidentally released. After the hydraulic feet are deployed, they can support a load of more than 1400kg, and each support foot can carry 350kg (one-button automatic deployment feet). It can ensure safe work under 8 strong winds.
  • Lamp power: 4×1000W; luminous flux: 4×100000lm; electrical performance: 220V50Hz; vertical turning (electric): 0°~90°; enclosure protection level: IP65.
  • Engine parameters: select 0# diesel, engine rated power 7.2KW (50Hz); generator parameters: fuel consumption: 2Lh; fuel tank volume: 80L; continuous working time: 40h; electrical system: 12V; noise (7 meters): 75db , Insulation resistance is 400 megohms.
  • Packed dimensions (length×width×height): 3232×1478×2472mm; wind resistance level: 8 (75kmh); in order to increase transportation stability, total weight requirement: 1500kg; maximum towing speed: 80km/h; There are two taillights at the rear of the lighthouse, which are connected to the power vehicle to achieve braking and lighting functions; the trailer must have a braking device to ensure that the lighthouse is used and mobile storage.


二, The main service industries and scenarios of mobile lighting towers

  1. Construction lighting is used in engineering construction, urban construction pipelines, road paving, road maintenance, road rescue;
  2. Emergency lighting is used in emergency rescue, earthquake preparedness, armed police fire protection, earthquake disaster relief, flood prevention and rescue;
  3. Combat readiness lighting is used in combat readiness emergency, various rescues, field training, camping and distributing;
  4. Mine lighting is used in open-pit mine lighting, mine tunnel lighting, distributed storage and transportation, and camping in mines;
  5. Mobile lighting used in sports events, film and television shooting, airport backup, railway power;
  6. Emergency lighting is used in transportation, electricity, water pipe, gas, and telecommunications construction.

The above are the characteristics and application scenarios of the mobile lighting tower.

The service life of the lamp. The mobile lamp car is suitable for a wide range of places: squares, campuses, companies, traffic intersections, construction sites, etc. Such mobile lighting facilities are urgently needed when there is a problem with the power supply. In order to ensure the normal work of the personnel in the lighting place of the mobile lighthouse. The service life of traffic safety lights should not be neglected. As far as possible, choose long-life and safe and stable lighting fixtures, and you can install multiple lamps to improve safety. Taking into full consideration the special operating environment of the mobile light vehicle, which requires long-term stable use, and may not be able to replace the lamp holder for many days in use, the lamp holder of more than 10000h will be selected.

ITCPOWER mobile lighting tower products. Because of its reliability, safety, simple operation, convenient maintenance and other characteristics, it is widely used in engineering, mining, leasing, large-scale activities, national defense and disaster relief.

The general features of ITCPOWE products: 1. Stable performance 2. Safe and reliable 3. High brightness 4. Energy saving 5. Strong adaptability.

ITCPOWER product feature description:

It has a pure main engine and high-end configuration to provide users with reliable power protection. You can choose Perkins, Kubota, Yanmar engines, and domestic generators.

Our factory assembly line has standardized design and personalized modification to provide users with the fastest solution.

Our company’s products are beautiful in appearance and fully conform to European design.

Our mobile light tower has a safe lifting device.

Our products use high-strength pole materials and structural design.

You can also choose a powerful hydraulic lifting system with a height of up to 9 meters.

Our company is also equipped with a lighthouse lifting safety protection system.

The operation interface of our product design is simple and easy to operate.

Our products are equipped with a leakage protection system.

Our products have a good grounding system.

Our mobile light tower adopts a fully enclosed chassis design, which is sure to meet environmental protection requirements.

Our company can also choose road trailers to meet transportation requirements and reduce transportation costs.

Our generator is a clamshell cabinet design to ensure the largest repair and maintenance space.

Our products can rotate 360 ​​degrees in all directions and 90 degrees in space. Can also be configured for automatic adjustment.

Our products have a variety of lamp installation designs, and you can choose LED lamps or metal halide lamps.

As a reliable manufacturing factory, ITCPOWER is engaged in international trade and can handle wholesale orders with container capacity.

We aim to find our business partners as our international generator distributors. We have 13 years of experience, including ISO 9001 of ITCPower factory, Portable diesel generator sound levle certification& Portable diesel generator CE certification.

We are devoted to provide a full range of products at competitive prices and excellent performance.

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We at ITCPOWER have customers in various countries. Australia, Europe, South America, and Africa are all available. The quality of our mobile light tower has been recognized and praised by customers. We can stand the test. Our products are tested for quality before packaging.