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ITCPOWER Light Tower Collection

ITCPOWER Light Tower Collection

A mobile light tower is a system consisting of a trailer, lifting mast, power supply, lighting equipment, etc. Trailers can be individual bodies, towed by vehicles, or retrofitted from a variety of existing trucks. The lifting mast reasonably installs various equipment such as lighting equipment on the trailer and combines it into a complete movable lighting system. Mobile light towers can be easily transported to places that can be opened to traffic and where large areas of lighting are temporarily needed, and are very convenient to use.

Mobile light tower technical requirements

Mobile light tower (4*1000W, with 7KW generator)

  1. Applicable places: mobile lighting and emergency lighting suitable for large-scale power repair operations.
  2. Light source: 4*1000W high-efficiency energy-saving lamp holders, with a service life of more than 10,000 hours, and a luminous flux of 4×110,000LM and above (reflected in the test report).
  3. Shell: The lamp adopts hydraulic telescopic oil cylinder as the lifting adjustment method. The whole light tower and lifting rod are made of high-strength alloy material, which can realize automatic lifting and adjustment, and the maximum lifting height is 8-10 meters; the lamp head can adjust the irradiation angle up and down, and the light coverage radius reaches 120-150 meters. The overall housing has strong impact resistance and anti-corrosion protection, which can be used for a long time in various harsh conditions, and the protection level is IP65.
  4. Power supply: Powered by imported high-performance generator sets (engine power: above 7KW). The generator set uses gasoline/diesel as fuel, can work continuously for more than 8 hours at a time, and can be connected to 220V mains. At the same time, the generator equipped with lamps provides external electrical output, which can supply power to other equipment.
  5. Operation: The lifting rod can be lifted and inverted by remote control or manually. Simple operation, safe and reliable. The operating range of the remote control mode is about 30 meters. It adopts shock-absorbing rods, wheels and tires, which is the same as the car system, which is economical and durable; the configuration of multiple traction heads can be applied to various models in China, Europe and the United States; the traction speed is not less than 75KM/h, suitable for moving to various outdoor environments . The rear of the car is equipped with two-way taillights.
    The integrated control system, control switch, control display screen, and indicating instrument are all integrated on the same panel, which is convenient for operators to operate and monitor in real time. Each operation instruction is activated by one key, and the humanized operation is completed. At the same time, it is equipped with unit startup and fault alarm devices, with self-protection and automatic shutdown functions.

warranty period

1 year warranty for bulbs and 1 year for light sources . That is, within 1 year from the date of product purchase , under normal use, the supplier will repair the product for free if it fails, and it will be replaced free of charge if it cannot be repaired.

Features of Mobile light towers

Mobile light tower is suitable for the large-area, high-brightness lighting needs of enterprises and institutions such as the army, highways, railways, electric power, and public security, as well as various large-scale construction operations, mining operations, maintenance and repair, accident handling and disaster relief.

The performance and characteristics of the mobile light tower

  • The unique large square lampshade design allows the light to shoot straight out, providing the best lighting effect for the construction site. Each light can be adjusted independently without any tools. Quick power connections provide easier disassembly for pre-shipment preparations. The main mast can be rotated 360 degrees, so that the light can be adjusted according to different needs after it is raised. The compact and enhanced light tower provides extraordinary lighting. Enhanced and trailer-mounted light towers feature a compact and lightweight design for easy transport
  • Using 4 LED lights of 200 watts, 300 watts, 500 watts or 1000 watts, the lamp head can freely change the projection angle within the range of 0° to 90° in the vertical direction; the maximum height of the light pole is 9 meters, the rising time is about 50S, and the falling time is about 20S , the light coverage radius can reach 120 meters to 150 meters.
  • The light pole can be rotated 360° horizontally, and there is no dead angle for 360° illumination. The light pole is integrally formed with the body. After the light pole is lowered, it must be kept vertical and must not be folded, transported or moved.
  • The control switch, control display, and indicating instrument are all integrated on the same panel, which is convenient for operators to operate and monitor in real time.
  • Fully automatic operation, start the engine group, lift the light pole, retract the hydraulic
    foot, and control all light switches independently with one button
  • The whole set of light tower adopts 4 hydraulic feet and adopts fully automatic operation design. When the feet are stowed, they can be locked with a pin buckle so that they cannot be accidentally released. After the hydraulic feet are deployed, it can support a load of more than 1400kg, and each support foot can carry 350kg (one-button automatic deployment of the feet); it can ensure safe work under strong winds of level 8.
  • Lamp power: 4×1000W; Luminous flux: 4×100000lm. Electrical performance: 220V~50Hz. Vertical flip (electric) 0°~90°. Shell protection grade IP65
  • Generator parameters: 0# diesel is selected, and the rated power of the engine is 7.2KW (50Hz). Fuel consumption: 2Lh. Fuel tank capacity: 80L. Continuous working time: 40h. Electrical system: 12V. Noise (7m): 75db. Insulation resistance is 400 megohms.
  • Packaging size (length × width × height): 3232 × 1478 × 2472mm. Wind resistance rating: 8 (75kmh). In order to increase the transportation stability, the total weight requirement: 1500kg. Maximum traction speed: 80km/h. There are two tail lights at the rear of the light tower, which are connected to the power car for braking and lighting functions. The trailer must have brakes to prevent the light tower from slipping during use and mobile storage.

Main service industries and scenarios of mobile light towers

  1. Architectural lighting. Used for engineering construction, urban construction pipeline, road paving, road maintenance, road rescue,
  2. emergency lighting. It is used for emergency rescue, earthquake disaster relief, armed police firefighting, earthquake disaster relief, flood control and rescue,
  3. Ready for lighting. For emergency preparedness, various rescues, field training, camping and distribution,
  4. Mine lighting. Used for open-pit mine lighting, mine tunnel lighting, distributed storage and transportation, mine camping,
  5. Mobile lighting. Used in sports events, film and television shooting, airport backup, railway power,
  6. emergency lighting. For transportation, electricity, water pipes, gas, communications construction.

ITC POWER Diesel Light Towers use state-of-the-art technology to achieve the most efficient lighting, emitting a uniform light pattern across the entire job site. Other advancements include the option of a low-speed engine that provides trouble-free diesel performance and longer life, as well as unparalleled engine accessibility through a fully raised maintenance panel.

High-output luminaires feature high-intensity parabolic reflectors that increase illumination and produce brighter, more uniform light patterns. The result is increased visibility and improved worker safety. For quick field setup and reduced downtime, each fixture can be aimed independently without the use of tools, and once positioned, the fixture stays in place. The telescopic tower is compact when stowed, but can extend up to 30 feet when deployed. Two winches make it easy to raise and extend the mast. Electric and manual winches are available. In the upright position, the light tower mast can be rotated 360 degrees, and the light can be operated at any height, avoiding frequent trailer movement. Choose from a rugged, low-revving, Tier 4 Final diesel engine and high-quality four-pole generator for trouble-free performance and longer life. A 30-gallon tank provides 60 to 70 hours of extended runtime between refills. Rugged, translucent polyethylene fuel tank is break-resistant and provides instant fuel level visibility without the need for a fuel gauge. ITC POWER has created a unique innovation that greatly improves maintainability. For full access to the engine, generator and electrical components, the ITC POWER diesel light tower is equipped with an articulated top plate that rises with the mast when maintenance is required. No other beacon allows the engine to enter so easily. When the maintenance panel is raised, the gull-wing side doors can be opened to further enhance access.

Steel housing protects components from the elements. The shell is powder coated, lockable and weather resistant. The control panel includes an elapsed time meter, convenient sockets for powering external devices, and circuit breakers for on/off functions and protection. Diesel engines include a glow plug preheat system for extended life and improved cold weather starting. An automatic engine shutdown system protects the engine from damage caused by low oil pressure and high coolant temperature. For maintenance, the hinged roof provides unobstructed access to the engine, generator and electrical components. Options include a choice of engine, 7.5 or 8 kW generator, automatic start/stop system, 120V and 240V electrical outlets, heater, fuel/water separator and electric winch. Vertical tower and LED models are also available.

During the use of generators, there is a condition called wet stack, which will affect the service life of diesel generators. How to avoid wet stacking light towers ?

It is a common practice to use diesel powered equipment as an additional source of power generation, especially when on-site generators are running at full capacity.

Specifically, in addition to being used as a light source, light towers can also be used to generate electricity. A disadvantage of this practice is that wet buildup can occur, causing the accumulated unburned fuel to be exhausted as exhaust gas.

Not only is this inefficient, it also shortens the life of the light tower.

stacking and how to prevent it at your industrial site:

What is wet stacking?

Most backup power systems use diesel engines because compression ignition systems are much more thermally efficient than spark ignition systems used in gas engines.

Like all internal combustion engines, to operate at peak efficiency, a diesel engine must have the exact correct air-to-fuel ratio and be able to maintain the operating temperature for which it was designed to fully burn the fuel.

Without spark plugs, diesel engines rely on hot compressed air in the cylinders to vaporize and ignite the fuel. When the air temperature is lower than the design temperature, the combustion conditions are less than ideal.

The fuel ignited and burned, but not completely. Unburned fuel is expelled and seen as wet in the exhaust system, hence the name wet buildup.

The word “stack” comes from the word “stack” for the exhaust.

Typical wet stacking scene

In some industrial applications, light towers are used only for power and not for lighting at all. The lights are still stored in the body, relying on a generator to power other devices or devices.

For example, when a worksite shed is powered by a light tower, the light tower may pile up wet because the shed is not consuming enough power for the light tower‘s generator to run at maximum efficiency and burn off all the fuel.

With only 20kW light towers used as light sources, wet stacking can occur as each light consumes only 1,000 watts of power. Using four 1,000W lamps, the maximum requirement is only 4,000W, leaving nearly 16,000 watts unused.

To avoid wet stacking light tower generators, plug in additional elements to extract the remaining available power.

A common question is why should I use a light tower as a power source instead of a generator?

In general, the intention to use a light tower alone as a power source is rare. However, in many cases equipment is available and needs to power other equipment on the industrial site.

How can I tell if my light tower is wet heap?

Your generator may be operating inefficiently if any or all of the following conditions exist:

  • Continuous black exhaust from your exhaust pipe
    • Diesel engine dripping thick black material from the exhaust pipe
    • Soot or hard carbon deposits forming inside the exhaust pipe

Tips for Avoiding Wet Stacking

to avoid wet stacking is to maintain 80% load on the generator/lamp during operation.

If mast mounted lights are not consuming at least 70% of generator power, make sure the sockets on the mobile light tower are used to power other industrial field devices.

Is there a solution for wet stacking?

If a 20kW light tower is wet stack, turn on all lights (4,000 watts) and connect additional equipment, consume 6,000-10,000 watts (50-80% capacity) and run for at least 8 hours to raise exhaust temperature high enough to evaporate no air in the exhaust system Burning fuel and blowing out soot.

If a unit has a history of extended operation at low load, or if there is no documentation that it has been operating at sufficient load recently, it is important to have a professional generator maintenance specialist manage the load test program.

Almost all rental companies offer light towers of various sizes. If you’re not sure about your load requirements, renting may be the best option.

At ITC POWER , we offer our customers the option to trade in and/or return equipment as needed, and can offer different combinations of power to meet specific requirements.

Our seasoned team has decades of combined experience in equipment rental, sales and service.

At ITC POWER , we believe so strongly in zero downtime that we support it with a unique ironclad commitment, combining the industry’s most reliable fleet of equipment with rapid response plans, 24/7 availability, expert service and financing options to suit every budget.

And, recently, our company has developed a new type of environmentally friendly light tower, which is a solar mobile light tower.

What are the advantages of this new light tower compared with the traditional light tower? Let’s compare them one by one:

  1. Energy saving is reflected in two aspects. One is the energy saving of the light source. The traditional lighting beacon, also known as the high-power lighting beacon, is equipped with four 1000w metal halide lamps as standard, and now the standard light source is four 150w LED light sources. Power is greatly reduced. Second, the power supply system has changed. Traditionally, diesel or gasoline is used to convert electricity into electricity. Now, solar energy is used to convert electricity into electricity, which greatly saves the cost of use.
  2. Environmental protection The traditional light tower uses the burning of gasoline and diesel, which is more serious to air pollution, while the new light tower uses the irradiation of sunlight to convert the solar energy into electricity, which becomes zero pollution.
  3. Lightweight The traditional light towers are equipped with at least 5kw generators, and the total weight is as high as seven or eight hundred kilograms, while the new light towers only need to be equipped with solar panels and batteries, which greatly reduces the weight.
  4. After the production process of new light towers such as price is mature, the price is much lower than that of traditional light towers with generators

No matter how good the product is, there will be disadvantages. Let’s talk about the disadvantages of the new light tower;

  1. It is limited by the weather in cloudy and rainy days or when the sun is not good, and the use effect is very poor. If there are continuous cloudy and rainy days, the solar battery can not be supplied, and it will not work normally.
  2. The wind resistance level is reduced. Due to the reduced weight of the whole machine, although there are five support frames below , the weight of the lifting rod will even be heavier than the chassis, so the maximum lifting height cannot be too high, generally 6 meters, so In order to ensure that he has a higher safety factor