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Introduction and use of diesel water pump units

Introduction and use of diesel water pump units

When preparing to start the diesel engine water pump for the first time, it is necessary to check the installation of all equipment and prepare for the start in the following order:
1. Inject engine oil into the suspension of the diesel engine and water pump from the fuel filling port, and check whether the oil level meets the required height with a dipstick.
2. Add cooling water from the water tank to the diesel engine, and the cooling water level needs to reach two-thirds of the water tank.
3. Add diesel oil into the fuel tank, press the exhaust hand pump, and let the diesel oil enter the water pump body through the filter.
4. Connect the inlet and outlet pipelines and gate valves of the water pump, close the gate valves of the outlet pipeline, outlet pressure gauges and vacuum pressure gauges.
5. Fill the water pump and water inlet pipe or vacuum water, and discharge the air inside the water pump or pipe.
6. Open the external circulation cooling water valve.
7. When the inlet valve is fully opened and the outlet valve is closed, start the diesel engine water pump. When the diesel engine reaches the normal speed, gradually open the valve on the outlet pipe and start to adjust the water pump to the required working state.

Diesel generator sets generate a lot of heat during operation. This heat is mainly produced when the diesel fuel of the diesel engine is burned to do work. (Some are also caused by mechanical movement and electric heating inside the generator). In order to ensure the normal operation of the unit, the heat needs to be taken away and dissipated. The commonly used method is to use a flowing medium-water or air. Water cooling and air cooling appeared.
Since water has a larger heat capacity than air, the cooling effect of water as a medium is better than air.
In a cooling system that uses water as a medium, in order to allow water to flow, a water pump needs to be added to the cooling water system.
For large power plants, in order to prevent the scale of cooling water in the cooling cavity of the unit from affecting the cooling effect, certain chemicals need to be added to the water. This water must circulate in a closed system, and no discharge is allowed. The temperature of the cooling water will also rise. In order to cool the cooling water, it is necessary to build a cooling tower to cool the cooling water. On the generator sets of large ships, sea water is used to cool the cooling water. (Due to the strong corrosiveness of sea water to metals, sea water can not be used to directly cool the unit to avoid sea water corrosion to the unit)
Compared with air-cooled units, water-cooled generator sets have a better cooling effect, but the cooling system is huge and complex. Suitable for high-power, fixed-workplace units.
The air-cooled system is suitable for low-power, mobile units.