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How to Solve the Problem of Black Smoke from 4 Stroke Diesel Engine?

How to Solve the Problem of Black Smoke from 4 Stroke Diesel Engine?

The diesel engine is difficult to start, exhaust pipe emits a large amount of black smoke at the same time. This is the result of incomplete diesel combustion. It has many reasons for this phenomenon and we can check the different solutions for these different reasons.

Here are the reasons why diesel engines meet the incomplete diesel combustion.

Firstly,  the quality of diesel is poor.

Secondly, the air intake is not smooth and the air filter is blocked.

Thirdly, the injection timing is adjusted too early.

Fourthly, the needle valve of the injector has poor sealing performance and oil leakage.

Fifthly, he injection pressure is too low.

Sixthly, the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump is too large and the combustion deteriorates.

At last, low cylinder pressure and poor atomization is not good for fuel to be fired fully.

After knowing the reasons, how to solve this problem to let diesel engines work well?

First of all, we need to check the fuel quality to check whether it meets the requirements or not.Besides, we need to check whether the air filter is blocked. Then we should check whether the injection timing is too early. Rotate the engine and insert the engine camshaft timing pin, that is, at the compression top dead center of one cylinder, check whether the camshaft locking pin of the fuel injection pump can be inserted. If it cannot be inserted, it means that the fuel injection timing is wrong and needs to be adjusted.

After that, we need calibrate the pump and check whether the fuel injection pump supplies too much fuel. Next, check whether the fuel injection pressure and spray condition of the fuel injector are good, and the fuel injector must not leak.

At last, let us check the working condition of each cylinder with the oil cut method.

If the above checks are normal, but the fault persists, check whether the cylinder pressure and the clearance between the piston, piston ring and the cylinder are abnormal, whether the cylinder gasket is damaged or the valve is not closed tightly.

After all, if you still cannot solve the problem, contact us, ITCPOWER.