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How to maintain the battery of the diesel generator?

How to maintain the battery of the diesel generator?

The battery of the generator is mainly used to start the diesel engine. In one of the diesel engines, there is a starter motor (motor) that uses direct current (24V) to drive the diesel engine to start. Diesel generators are equipped with batteries, which are used to start diesel generator sets, called start batteries. The electrolyte is not added when it is delivered to the user at random, so before use, electrolyte with specific gravity (1:1.28) should be added. Unscrew the top cover of the battery compartment first, and slowly add electrolyte as close to the upper graduation line as possible. After it is full, please don’t use it immediately. You should park the battery for about 15 minutes. When charging the battery after filling the electrolyte, the continuous charging should not exceed 4 hours. Too long charging time will damage the service life of the generator battery.

How do users maintain the battery of the generator set?

It is necessary to charge the battery in time, especially before using it, to check whether the battery is sufficient to prevent insufficient battery power or volatilization of the electrolyte.

The battery of the diesel generator should be filled with fluid frequently, and the fluid injection port should be sealed to prevent liquid leakage or debris from entering the battery. Electrolyte leakage will damage the life of the battery and cause corrosion to nearby objects.

When the temperature is too low, the electrolyte in the battery may be frozen. Try to avoid starting the diesel generator at a low temperature. The working efficiency of the low temperature battery will be discounted.

Clean up and refill. A battery that has not been used for a long time will have a lot of attachments on the surface, which is likely to cause leakage. The outside of the battery should be cleaned regularly, especially the poles and panels are likely to accumulate dust and oil. These must be cleaned. Diesel generator batteries will have corresponding water level scales. When in use, determine whether to refill according to the liquid capacity displayed on the scale. Generally, the battery voltage is above 13 volts. If the detection voltage is insufficient, there may be a charging problem, and the battery needs to be repaired. If you don’t understand maintenance, you must take it to a professional maintenance service provider. Safety is very important.

The diesel in the fuel tank of a diesel generator that has not been used for a long time will easily absorb a certain amount of moisture, which will cause some internal metal fittings to rust. Do not place the generator in a humid space and try to keep it dry. surroundings. If it can be expected that the generator will not be used for a long time, drain all the diesel.

Regularly replace some accessories, such as fuel injectors, filters and other small accessories. The frequently used generators and other accessories are relatively expensive. If you want to improve work efficiency, these costs must be paid.

When charging the generator battery, you should first open the battery filter cap or vent cover, and check the electrolyte level, and adjust it with distilled water if necessary. In addition, in order to prevent long-term closure, the pollution in the battery compartment cannot be discharged in time and avoid Water droplets condense on the top wall inside the cell. Care should be taken to open the special vent to facilitate proper air circulation.