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How to maintain the diesel water pump?

The correct maintenance of diesel engine water pumps, especially preventive maintenance, is the easiest and most economical maintenance, so it is the key to extending the service life and reducing the cost of use. Routine maintenance can check the fuel quantity of the fuel tank according to the following steps: Observe the fuel storage quantity of the fuel tank and refill as needed.

  1. Check the oil in the oil pan: observe whether the oil level has reached the mark on the oil scale. If it is insufficient, add the specified amount, but not exceed the upper limit of the scale.
  2. Check the oil of the fuel injection pump governor: if it does not reach the specified engraved mark, add enough oil (some fuel injection pump governors do not have a scale, so this step can be omitted).
  3. Check whether there is sufficient lubricating grease at the oil filling point of the water pump: remove the grease nozzle on the diesel engine circulating water pump and observe whether the lubricating grease inside is sufficient, if not, use a grease gun to inject sufficient lubricating grease into it.
  4. Check whether the water in the water tank is sufficient: If the water in the water tank is found to be insufficient, it should be refilled in time. The added water should be clean fresh water, such as tap water or clean river water. If the groundwater is used directly, it is easy to form scale in the water tank, which will affect the cooling effect and cause failure. Therefore, the groundwater can be used after softening. In the north (the ambient temperature is below zero), antifreeze with an appropriate freezing point must be configured according to the local minimum temperature.
  5. Check the drive connecting plate of the fuel injection pump: check whether the connecting screw is loose. If it is loose, re-correct the fuel injection advance angle and tighten the connecting screw.
  6. Clean the exterior of the diesel engine and the overall equipment: wipe off the oil, water and dust on the surface of the body, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air filter, etc. with a dry cloth or a cloth soaked in diesel; wipe or use The compressed air blows away the dust on the surface of the charging generator, radiator, fan, etc.