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How to Diagnose and Repair the Problem of Diesel Engine?

How to Diagnose and Repair the Problem of Diesel Engine?

Sometimes, we will meet the following the situation. The diesel engine was started, but its crankshaft is not rotating. Now, we will tell you how to check if the engine has such problem and if so, how to repair this problem.

When the engine is started, under the condition that the starting system is intact, if the transmission is placed in the neutral position and the start switch is pressed, the starter has a noise and the crankshaft cannot rotate, which is a mechanical failure.

What is the reason that the crankshaft cannot rotate?

Firstly, poor meshing between starter and flywheel teeth. The ring gear and the starter gear will collide when starting the engine, causing tooth damage or single tooth wear. If the teeth are damaged or worn more than three times in a row, it is difficult for the starter gear to mesh with the teeth of the ring gear.

Secondly, sticky cylinder. When the engine temperature is too high, the engine will stop and stop. It is difficult to dissipate the heat. At high temperatures, the piston ring sticks to the cylinder and cannot start after cooling.

Thirdly, the crankshaft is locked. Due to the failure of the lubrication system or lack of oil, the dry friction of the sliding bearing caused the crankshaft to be locked and unable to start.

Forthly, the plunger of the fuel injection pump is stuck.

After knowing the possible reason which may cause this problem, how to repair and solve this question?

If the flywheel has more than three consecutive teeth damaged and is exactly opposite to the starter teeth, it will cause the two gears to fail to mesh. In this state, just use a spudger to turn the flywheel to an angle, and then press the start button to start smoothly. For damaged flywheel teeth, welding can generally be used to repair.

When the ring gear is loose, it can be confirmed from the installation port of the starter of the flywheel housing. If the ring gear is loose, it must be replaced with a new one. During installation, the ring gear should be placed in a heating box and heated, and then pressed against the flywheel while hot, and then cooled and fastened on the flywheel.

When the tooth of the ring gear is badly worn on one side, the ring gear can be pressed down, and the front and rear faces are reversed before being installed on the flywheel.

After checking that the gear mesh is normal and the flywheel does not rotate when starting, it should be regarded as an internal fault of the engine, such as crankshaft locking, piston sticking cylinder, clutch stuck, etc., which should be further observed. You can first check whether the clutch is damaged and stuck, and then check whether the injection pump plunger is stuck and whether there is foreign matter inside the engine.