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How to Deal with Gray Smoke of Diesel Engine?

Normally, we will see a large amout of Gray Smoke from diesel engines when they are in start failure.

The diesel engine is difficult to start and gray smoke which is emitted from the exhaust pipe is the diesel vapor.

Why will see these gray smoke exhaused from the diesel engine?

Firstly, the engine temperature is too low for diesel to evaporate and burn. Secondly, the injuector atomization is poor and cannot work well. Thirdly, the fuel supply time is too late. Fourthly, he fuel supply is too small and the mixed gas is too thin. Fifthly, the cylinder has too much air leakage and cannot reach the ignition temperature at the end of compression.

After knowing the reason, we need to think about the solutions accroding to the possible reasons.

If the engine temperature is too low in the cold season, check whether the low-temperature starting preheating device fails, that is, whether the preheater control circuit has an open circuit, short circuit or preheater failure.

If the low-temperature preheating device is normal, check whether the fuel injection timing is correct. Rotate the engine and insert the engine camshaft timing pin, that is, when it is at the top dead center of the first cylinder compression, check whether the fuel injection pump camshaft lock pin can be inserted. If it cannot be inserted, it means that the injection timing is wrong and needs to be adjusted.

Check whether the spray quality of each cylinder injector meets the requirements.

If the first two items are normal, check whether the fuel supply is too low. During cold start, due to low temperature in the cylinder, high fuel viscosity and poor evaporation conditions, the starting fuel supply is required to be greater than the rated fuel supply.

Finally, check the cylinder pressure. If the pressure differs greatly, it should be repaired.

After all these, if problem cannot be solved, you can find us, ITCPOWER.