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What are the functions of fuel injector and pump of generators?

What are the functions of fuel injector and pump of generators?

The fuel injection pump (also known as the high-pressure fuel pump) is the “heart” of the diesel engine and the most important component in the fuel supply system of the diesel engine. Its function is to increase the pressure of the diesel engine, and according to the requirements of the working process of the diesel engine, regularly and quantitatively deliver fuel to the fuel chamber.

What are the basic requirements for fuel injection pumps?

According to the cycle requirements of diesel engine work, fuel is supplied regularly.

According to the working load of the diesel engine, the fuel is supplied quantitatively. When the load is large, the fuel supply will increase, otherwise it will decrease, and the fuel supply of each cylinder is guaranteed to be even. Generally, the difference between each cylinder should not exceed 3%.

The fuel supply and requirements can be started quickly, and the fuel can be stopped quickly to avoid the dripping phenomenon of the fuel injector. There are many structural forms of fuel injection pumps. At present, plunger-type fuel injection pumps are commonly used. The fuel injection pumps on the multi-cylinder engine can be installed in their own shells or combined in a shell.

What is the role of the injector?

The injector of the diesel generator is an important component in the fuel supply system of the diesel engine to achieve fuel injection. Its function is to atomize the fuel into fine droplets according to the characteristics of the diesel engine mixture and inject it into the specific combustion chamber. Location. The fuel injector should meet the spray characteristics of different types of combustion chambers.

Closed injectors are widely used in high-speed diesel generators. This kind of fuel injector is mainly composed of fuel injector body, pressure regulating device and fuel injector. The fuel injection nozzle of the closed fuel injector is a pair of precision parts composed of a needle valve and a needle valve body, and its matching clearance is only 0.002~0.004mm. For this reason, after finishing, pairing and grinding are still needed, so they cannot be interchanged in use. Generally, the needle valve is made of high-speed steel with good thermal stability, and the needle valve body is made of high-quality alloy steel with impact resistance.

According to the different structure of the fuel injector, the closed fuel injector can be divided into two types: the hole injector and the pin injector, which are used in different types of combustion chambers.

The performance of fuel injectors plays a fundamental role in the power of each engine. Due to poor fuel, the fuel injector does not work well, causing serious carbon deposits in the cylinder; accelerated wear of the cylinder barrel and piston ring, resulting in unstable idle speed, increased fuel consumption, weak acceleration, difficulty in starting, and excessive emissions. In severe cases, the injection will be completely blocked. Oil nipple, damage the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the fuel injection nozzle regularly. Long-term non-cleaning or frequent cleaning of the nozzle will cause bad effects.