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Five tips for saving fuel in diesel generator sets

Silent diesel generator is your back up power.

Diesel purification. Diesel contains a variety of minerals and impurities. If it is not filtered and purified by precipitation, it will affect the work of the plunger and the fuel injection head, causing uneven fuel supply, poor fuel atomization, etc., which will reduce the engine power and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, it is recommended to let the diesel stand for a period of time to allow impurities to settle, and filter the funnel with a filter screen when refueling. Then, clean or replace the filter regularly to achieve the purpose of purification.

Remove carbon deposits. When the diesel engine is working, polymers are attached to the valve, valve seat, fuel injector and piston top. These carbon deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time.

Don’t overload work. When machinery is overloaded, it will emit black smoke, which is fuel emissions that are not fully burned. As long as the machine often emits black smoke, it will increase fuel consumption and shorten the service life of parts.

Keep the water temperature. The cooling water temperature of the diesel engine is too low, which will cause the diesel to burn incompletely, affect the power utilization, and waste fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to use thermal insulation curtains appropriately, and pay attention to soft water without minerals, such as flowing river water.

Check regularly and repair in time. It is necessary to be diligent in eyes and hands, check machinery regularly or irregularly, maintain and repair diligently, firmly establish the concept of “cultivation is more important than cure, prevention is more important than repair”, and do not allow machinery to work with diseases.