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ITCPOWER has a history of 12 years and has always been committed to the development and production of generators, water pumps, light towers, and diesel engines. The factory covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, has more than 100 employees, and has an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 units.

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The factory and workshop of ITCPOWER adopt standardized management and standardized manufacturing, and all adopt the latest imported manufacturing equipment, which is maintained and used by professional technicians. The environment of the workshop is unified in accordance with the high standards of the industry, and the workshop staff all have professional knowledge and operating skills.

production process

ITCPOWER mainly manufactures diesel generator sets, diesel electric welding machines, diesel water pump sets, mobile lighting towers, and diesel power sets. We have a professional product development and manufacturing team, and always put innovation and quality in an important position.

Testing and debugging

ITCPOWER regards the quality of the machine very importantly. Therefore, each machine will be inspected and debugged many times by professional technicians during the manufacturing process to ensure that the m

Machine parts

The diesel engines of ITCPOWER are independently developed and manufactured, and are designed with high-quality parts to improve durability and engine performance, and can extend maintenance intervals and lower fuel consumption.

Finished product display

The diesel generator set of ITCPOWER can be used as a temporary power source for various construction and field projects, in high-rise buildings, hospitals, large shopping malls, ocean-going ships, mining, oil drilling, industrial and agricultural production, national defense, and life in many fields Field power supply, emergency power supply and backup power supply. When the mains power cannot be supplied normally, the diesel generator set can provide continuous, stable and reliable power. It is more effective for some special departments or important occasions where sudden power failure is not allowed, such as post and telecommunications, finance, and combat command posts. Play the role of emergency backup power.

Packing and cabinet

The packaging of ITCPOWER machines is uniformly implemented in accordance with strict standards to ensure that there will be no bumps and wear during transportation, and will be loaded when export and shipments are large.

Purchase Notes

1. As the manufacturing factory, ITCPOWER works in internanional trade and can handle wholesale orders with containers’ capacity.

2. We aim to find our business partner as our internationl generator dealer. In order to lower both labor and transporation cost, we can go on the sample order as start. For portable machines, we can start from 10 sets as initial. For industrial type, we can try 1 set as usual.

Purchase Notes
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