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ITCPOWER has 15 years of production and export trading experience. As the factory, ITC mainly produces different type products, such as generators, water pumps, light towers and diesel engines. Firstly, the factory covers an area of about 20,000 square meters. Secondly, we have more than 100 employees with professional knowledge in generator field. At last, we have an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 units. To sum up, ITCPower is a reliable manufacturer.

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ITCPOWER adopts standardized management and manufacturing in regard of factory and workshop. As far as equipment is concerned, not only our production lines are equipped with the latest imported manufacturing equipment, but also our own professional technicians dedicate to maintain all equipment of producing line. When it comes to a unified workshop environment, ITCPOWER strictly follows the high standards of the industry to achieve it with staffs who have professional knowledge and operational skills.

production process

ITCPOWER mainly manufactures diesel generator sets, diesel water pumps, mobile light towers,  diesel engines, and so on. We have a professional R&D team, also always put innovation and quality in an important position. In addition, we are constantly developing new products. Apart from that, we also design new looks based on customer demand.

Testing and debugging

ITCPOWER attaches great importance to the quality of its machines. Because professional technicians will inspect and debug each machine multiple times during production. At the same time, they dedicate to ensure that all products meet factory standards(EU standard).

Machine parts

ITCPOWER’s diesel engines are independently developed and manufactured. In order to achieve durability and its performance, we choose the high quality parts. Besides, this design can lengthen the maintenance intervals and lower fuel consumption.

Finished product display

The diesel generator set of ITCPOWER can be used as emergency or backup power supply. They can be used in many situations, such as in high-rise buildings, hospitals, large shopping malls, industrial and agricultural production and national defense. When the mains power cannot be supplied normally, the diesel generator set can provide continuous, stable and reliable power. It is more effective for some special departments or important occasions where sudden power failure is not allowed. For example, in the field of post and telecommunications, finance, and combat command posts, they play the role of emergency backup power.

Packing and cabinet

The packaging of ITCPOWER machines is uniformly implemented in accordance with strict standards. We ensure that there will be no bumps and wear during transportation, especially when the large amount of cargo are to be shiopped.

Purchase Notes


As the manufacturing factory, ITCPOWER works in international trade. Therefore, we can handle wholesale orders with containers’ capacity.


We aim to find our business partner as our international dealer. However, in order to save both labor and transportation cost, we can go on the sample order as start. On one hand, for portable products, we can start from 10 sets as initial. On the other hand,  we can try 1 set as usual for industrial products.

Purchase Notes
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