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Diesel generator assist hotels and resorts to survive the power rationing period

Diesel generator assist hotels and resorts to survive the power rationing period

How can manufacturers survive in the environment of switching off and power limitation? Diesel generator set to help.

How can manufacturers survive in such an environment of switching off and limiting power? In such a state, the diesel generator set will help many safety production to tide over the difficulties. The diesel generator is a powerful emergency power supply, which is very efficient and practical for emergencies in case of power failure.The maintenance cost of diesel generator is relatively low, and it is considered to be very solid and reliable with long service life. ITC power has long cooperated with aerospace, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, telecommunications, China Unicom mobile, factory buildings, hotels, petrochemical industry, highway and railway, real estate, geological survey, mining, national defense and other important fields to solve customers’ short-term self provided power generation in the case of short-term power shortage, emergency power consumption, enterprises avoiding peak or inconvenient to buy units,It is a large professional company in the generator unit leasing industry in Guangdong Province.It has been recognized and cooperated by many industry benchmarking enterprises.How can the diesel generator set help the hotel and resort through the power rationing period? How can the diesel generator set help the hotel and holiday village disconnect from the losses caused by power failure?Now it is the National Day golden holiday. The power failure of the hotel and resort may have a certain impact on the customers of the hotel and resort. Xiangbo power spot supplies diesel generator sets to assist the hotel and resort through the power limitation period.For anyone, going out on vacation is a happy expectation in his career, and there can be no mistakes. However, when customers happily design everything, and when they stay in a hotel or resort village, they encounter a power failure, which is really an extremely damaging thing to their mood, and may disrupt or stop all the designs.Whether it's a fun trip or a business trip, having a quiet residence is an important point in the whole link. A hotel without electricity can't let guests relax.

The hotel market is billions of dollars a year. Many people live in hotels for vacation. In case of power failure, most hotels use diesel generators to provide backup power for their customers.As the hotel has many electrical equipment, it should purchase high-power generator sets to deal with the standby power demand of the whole hotel.The importance of standby diesel generator sets in large commercial and manufacturing industries generator sets are the core components of your small and medium-sized enterprises that can maintain normal operation regardless of whether there is power system supply or not. When the municipal power system is powered off due to natural disasters, power restriction policies, line damage, lack of power supply of the power system, or other factors, the diesel generator can start automatically to provide reliable and sufficient power supply to ensure the normal operation of small and medium-sized enterprises without being harmed by the power failure of the municipal power system.After the generator is leased, the generator installation site shall be naturally ventilated.There shall be sufficient air inlet at the generator end and excellent exhaust port at the diesel engine end.The total area of the vent should be 1.5 times larger than the total area of the water storage tank.When the generator is basically made of concrete, the flatness shall be measured with a level gauge during installation, and the generator set shall be fixed on the level.There shall be a unique seismic pad or anchor screw between the equipment and the basic.The periphery of the generator installation site shall be kept clean to prevent placing objects that are likely to corrode steam and steam (such as acid and alkali).Fire fighting equipment shall be provided if the standard allows.Today's diesel generators are durable and can provide backup power for many years.Before purchasing the generator, it is better to talk with ITC power's experienced salesperson in order to know the exact type of diesel generator required according to the specifications of the building. With the assistance of ITC power professionals, we should be fearless when problems arise in the local power grid.A good diesel generator can provide safe and reliable standby power for any commercial enterprise without stopping production.All major industries need to ensure that they have a reliable standby design in case of power failure.Using diesel generators, hotels and resorts can continue to operate normally, and there is almost no downtime in the center.Faced with the serious situation of power rationing in all regions of the world, ITC power provides enterprises in various industries with enough diesel generator sets of various models, which are supplied in stock without waiting. If you want to survive the power rationing storm, please contact us. ITC power will provide you with the diesel generator sets that are most suitable for you, supply them in stock, deliver them in real time and install them in place.The hotel's ability to deal with emergencies quickly and enhance the awareness of fault prevention. In case of sudden failure and power failure of the hotel's power supply line, the hotel should immediately start the power failure emergency plan. ITC power cloud service management system can be installed to remotely monitor the diesel generator set, which can not only remotely manage the shaving motor.It can also automatically switch the power supply within 30 seconds, and strive to switch the power supply in the shortest time to ensure the normal operation of the hotel and resort.The setting of emergency standby power diesel generator set can further improve the safety awareness of the hotel. The installation of ITC power cloud platform can improve the emergency response ability to sudden power failure and effectively enhance the safety emergency awareness. ITC power practices the safe power service of auxiliary enterprises with practical actions.

So how should we maintain the diesel generator when we can't use it at ordinary times?

  • The maintenance cycle of air filter of diesel generator set is once every 50 hours.
  • The battery shall be repaired and maintained every 50 hours.
  • The maintenance cycle of belt is once every 100 hours of operation.
  • The radiator shall be repaired and maintained every 200 hours.
  • The lubricating oil system shall be maintained every 200 hours.
  • The maintenance of diesel filter shall be carried out every 200 hours.Remove the diesel filter, replace it with a new one, fill it with new diesel, and then replace it.
  • The maintenance of charging generator and starting motor shall be carried out every 600 hours.
  • The maintenance of generator set control panel shall be carried out once every six months.Use compressed air to remove the dust inside, tighten each connector, and handle and tighten the rusted or overheated connector.

During the daily inspection, it is necessary to check whether the external of the generator set and the storage battery have the phenomenon of leakage and hydrolysis. Check and record the voltage value of the storage battery and the temperature of cylinder liner water.In addition, check whether the cylinder liner water heater, battery charger and dehumidification heater maintain normal operation.

To be checked:

1.Unit startup battery

The battery has not been maintained for a long time, the electrolyte cannot be replenished in time after water volatilization, the battery charger is not configured to start, the battery power decreases after natural discharge for a long time, or the charger used needs to be manually and regularly switched between uniform charge and floating charge. Due to negligence, the battery power cannot meet the requirements. In addition to configuring a high-quality charger to solve this problem,Necessary inspection and maintenance are necessary.

2.Water enters the diesel engine

As the water vapor in the air condenses when the temperature changes, it forms water droplets and hangs on the inner wall of the oil tank and flows into the diesel, resulting in the water content of the diesel exceeding the standard. When such diesel enters the engine high-pressure oil pump, it will rust the plunger of the precision coupling and seriously damage the unit. Regular maintenance can be effectively avoided.

3.lubrication system, seals

Due to the chemical characteristics of the lubricating oil and the iron filings produced after mechanical wear, these not only reduce its lubrication effect, but also accelerate the damage of parts. At the same time, because the lubricating oil has a certain corrosion effect on the rubber sealing ring, in addition, the oil seal itself is aging at any time, which reduces its sealing effect.

4.fuel and gas distribution system

The output of engine power is mainly the work done by the fuel burning in the cylinder, and the fuel is sprayed through the fuel injection nozzle, which makes the carbon deposit after combustion deposited in the fuel injection nozzle. With the increase of deposition, the fuel injection quantity of the fuel injection nozzle will be affected to a certain extent, resulting in inaccurate ignition advance angle time of the fuel injection nozzle, uneven fuel injection quantity of each cylinder of the engine and unstable working state,Therefore, the fuel system shall be cleaned regularly, the filter components shall be replaced, the fuel supply shall be unblocked, and the valve distribution system shall be adjusted to make the ignition uniform.

5.Control part of the unit

The control part of the unit is also an important part of the unit maintenance. The unit is used too long, the line connector is loose, and whether the AVR module works normally.

1、 Monthly inspection

The monthly inspection requires the switching between the generator set and the mains power, and the in-depth inspection is required for the generator set start-up and load test.

2、 Quarterly inspection

During the quarterly inspection, the generator set needs to be at more than 70% load before it can operate for 1 hour to burn out the mixture of diesel and engine oil in the cylinder.

3、 Annual inspection

Annual inspection is an important part of the maintenance cycle of standby diesel generator set. It requires not only quarterly and monthly inspection, but also more maintenance items.

The service life and power of diesel generator set are not only the seasonal maintenance, but also the daily maintenance of diesel generator set.Only by starting with details can we make better use of diesel generator sets.


Contents to be replaced during maintenance:

1, engine oil

The engine oil acts as mechanical lubrication, and the engine oil also has a certain retention period. If it is stored for a long time, the physical and chemical properties of the engine oil will change, resulting in the deterioration of the lubrication condition of the unit during operation, which is easy to cause damage to the unit parts. Therefore, it needs to be replaced once a year.

2, filter

Filter refers to diesel filter, engine filter, air filter and water filter. It is used to filter diesel, oil or water to prevent impurities from entering the engine. Oil and impurities in diesel are also inevitable. Therefore, during the operation of the unit, the filter plays an important role, but at the same time, these oil or impurities are deposited on the filter screen wall, which reduces the filtering capacity of the filter,If there is too much deposition, the oil circuit will not be unblocked, so the oil engine will be shocked due to the lack of oil supply (such as hypoxia). Therefore, during the use of normal generator units, we recommend that the three filters of common units be replaced every 500 hours;The three filters of the standby unit shall be replaced every year.


Antifreeze is an indispensable heat dissipation medium for the normal operation of diesel generator set. First, antifreeze the water tank of the unit, which will not freeze, expand and burst in winter;The second is to cool the engine. When the engine is running, the effect of using antifreeze as circulating cooling liquid is obvious.The antifreeze that has not been used for a long time is easy to oxidize in contact with the air and affect the antifreeze performance, so it needs to be replaced once a year.

With reasonable maintenance, the generator can play an important role at the critical moment.