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Construction and use of light tower

Construction and use of light tower

A light tower is composed of a car body assembly, a car body pole, and one or several lamps; the car body assembly is equipped with 4 walking wheels, anti-falling brackets and a diesel/gasoline generator as the engine. The vertical pole of the car body can be raised and lowered through a winch or hydraulic device. Lamps are placed on the pole, and each lamp can rotate horizontally to illuminate in multiple directions.
The mobile light tower is developed to meet the needs of large-area high-brightness lighting in various large-scale construction operations, accident repairs, emergency rescue and disaster relief work sites such as railways, electric industries, and public security. Therefore, we mainly understand the following aspects:
The first is the lamp cap function: it is composed of four high-efficiency energy-saving lamp caps, each lamp cap can be individually made into up and down, left and right large angle adjustment rotations to achieve 360° omnidirectional lighting according to the actual needs of the site. It can also be made so that the lamp holder is evenly distributed on the lamp panel to illuminate in four different directions. If four lamp heads are required to illuminate in the same direction, the whole lamp panel can be flipped within 250° in the opening direction according to the required lighting angle and orientation, and the cylinder is used as the axis to perform a 360° rotation operation to the left and right.
The second is the irradiation range: the light tower generally uses a five-section telescopic cylinder as the lifting adjustment method. The maximum height of the mast can reach 5 meters, and the light beam can be adjusted by turning the lamp head up and down, and the light coverage radius can reach 35-55 meters.
Finally, the use environment: the mobile light tower is composed of a lamp panel, a cylinder and a diesel/gasoline generator set. It will be operated by a hand winch, which is very convenient as a whole. Made of sturdy materials, compact structure, stable performance, to ensure normal operation in various harsh environments and climatic conditions, and the wind resistance level is 8.
The light tower is suitable for public security, fire fighting, military, railway, oil field, steel, electric power and other enterprises to provide mobile lighting for brightness, long-distance night operations and other work sites in various operations, accident repairs, and abnormal situations. Provide on-site mobile lighting at night for field operations, emergency rescue, emergency repairs, handling of abnormal situations, etc. and no other lighting sources. We generally use tungsten iodine or metal halide lamps as light sources. The advantage of metal halide lamps is that they emit light through the air discharge inside the luminous tube, without broken wires, and have a long service life; while iodine tungsten lamps are generally suitable for environmental protection. Compared with the tungsten iodine lamp with the same power, the brightness of the metal halide lamp is six times that of the tungsten iodine lamp, the service life is five times that of the tungsten iodine lamp, and the power consumption is only one-fifth of the tungsten iodine lamp.