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Brief Introduction of Portable Diesel Water Pump-Selfing Priming Type

Brief Introduction of Portable Diesel Water Pump-Selfing Priming Type

The diesel water pump has two different range, one is self-priming water pump and another is the centrifugal pump. Self-priming water pump is a water conservancy machinery used for pumping. It is composed of the pump body, rotating assembly, faucet assembly, drain cover, and inlet pipe, outlet pipe, and screen. Start motor, power linkage, rotation assembly which are driven by the impeller centrifuge surge up the air to generate suction. The air in the inlet pipe is discharged out of the pump body through the outlet pipe and then water flows out through the outlet pipe. ITCPOWER diesel water pump has excellent performance and deep suction. The large flow rate saves labor and time.
You need to follow the steps when you need to start the water pump at first time:
Firstly, the oil should be added into engine through oil filler hole. The oil level should be correct and tested by oil level gauge.
Secondly, it has no need in adding water if the engine is auto air cooled.
Thirdly, the fuel should be added into water pump’s fuel tank which let fuel enter the engine body.
Fourthly, the inlet and outlet water pump should be connected to water pump body.
Fifthly, the water should be added into water pump to exhaust the inner air.
At last, let us talk about the working principle of diesel self-priming water pump. Before starting the pump, fill the pump casing with water (or the pump casing itself contains water). After starting, the impeller rotates at high speed to make the water in the impeller channel flow to the volute. At this time, the inlet forms a vacuum, which opens the water inlet check door, the air in the suction pipe enters the pump, and reaches the outer edge through the impeller channel.