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Analysis of the cause of internal vibration of diesel generator set?

Analysis of the cause of internal vibration of diesel generator set?

During the normal operation of diesel generator sets, we often encounter vibrations. Based on years of experience, we have concluded that this is actually caused by the motor. The main reasons are attributed to the following three types: loose parts, mechanical failures and electromagnetic failures.
The unbalance of the rotating part is mainly caused by the unbalance of the rotor, coupler, coupling, and transmission wheel (brake wheel). The solution is to find the rotor balance first. If there are large transmission wheels, brake wheels, couplers, and couplings, they should be balanced separately from the rotor. Then there is the mechanical looseness of the rotating part. Such as: the iron core bracket is loose, the oblique key, the pin is invalid and loose, and the rotor is not tightly bound will cause the rotating part to be unbalanced.
The main mechanical failures are as follows:
The shaft system of the linkage part is misaligned, the center line does not coincide, and the centering is incorrect. This kind of failure is mainly caused by poor alignment and improper installation during the installation process. There is another situation, that is, the center lines of some linkage parts coincide in the cold state, but after a period of operation, due to the deformation of the rotor fulcrum and foundation, the center line is destroyed again, and vibration occurs.
The gear and coupling of the diesel generator set and the motor are faulty. This kind of failure is mainly manifested as poor gear engagement, serious gear tooth wear, poor lubrication of the wheel, coupling skew, misalignment, gear coupling tooth profile, incorrect tooth pitch, excessive clearance or serious wear, which will cause certain problems. vibration.
Defects in the structure of the motor itself and installation problems. This kind of failure is mainly manifested as the ellipse of the shaft journal, the bending of the rotating shaft, the excessive or small gap between the shaft and the bearing bush, the insufficient rigidity of the bearing seat, the foundation plate, a certain part of the foundation, and the entire motor installation foundation. The motor and the foundation plate are fixed. Weakness, loose foot bolts, looseness between the bearing seat and the base plate, etc.
The stage of diesel generator automation development
An automatic control system mainly composed of time relays and intermediate relays. This mode was very common in the industry at that time, and it was also put on the market in considerable batches. The prominent weaknesses are simple functions, complex structures, difficult maintenance and debugging, and poor reliability. , Has not been recognized by users.
An automation system realized by separating electronic components to form a delay circuit and a logic judgment circuit. Compared with the previous mode, this mode has made great progress. If you carefully design and improve the process level, you should be able to achieve good results. effect. However, in the era of large and comprehensive enterprises, each enterprise was fighting on its own, resulting in small batches, backward technology, and unguaranteed quality, so the duration of this stage was relatively short.