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An introduction to the features of Mobile light towers.

An introduction to the features of Mobile light towers.


The mobile light towers are lighting device. Mobile lighthouses are mainly used for mine lighting. The security warning light comes on. Lighting for the shipping industry. Emergency and disaster relief lighting. Providing mobile lighting services to the engineering and construction industry. Mobile lighting towers mainly include mobile air compressors. Diesel generator sets. Mobile lighting equipment and light compaction equipment, etc. Various power supplies can be provided for lighting equipment.


In order to facilitate lighting, the mobile lighting tower uses a pneumatic lifting rod. The maximum lifting height is 9 meters and there are four lamp heads. The lighting angle can be adjusted 360 degrees. Allow light to cover the entire work site as much as possible.

Generator sets provide energy. It can work continuously for about 12 hours after being filled with fuel once. If necessary, you can also connect to the 220V AC power supply. Achieve long-term lighting. Very flexible to use. It is also a tool for emergency and temporary lighting.

Simple operation, safe and reliable: The mobile lighting lighthouse has a dedicated manual switch control. Normally open and normally closed will not affect the service life. The whole process is simple to operate, safe and reliable. There won’t be any big danger.

The overall structure of the mobile lighting tower is compact. Therefore, the lighting brightness is high, the coverage is large, and the lighting can take into account both distance and distance. In addition, the mobile lighting tower can work normally in various harsh environments. The wind resistance level is level 8 and the performance is stable.

The structural design is reasonable. Very convenient to carry on the move. The usage scenario is very casual. Can be moved to where needed at any time.

In conclusion

Generally, large-scale industrial mining and other enterprises need to purchase mobile light towers. It is recommended that units in demand choose lamps from big brand products. The lighting brightness is high, the lighting coverage is large, and the light source life is more than 10,000 hours. Especially suitable for outdoor large-scale task lighting.